La Fontaine du Hallate, France: First Campsite in the World earns Green Globe Certification

La Fontaine du Hallate, France: First Campsite in the World earns Green Globe Certification
November 30, 2012 Arton Kabashi

Nov 29, 2012, Los Angeles, CA – Green Globe announces certification of La Fontaine du Hallate in Morbihan, Brittany, in France. This green campsite has demonstrated a commitment for sustainable development and respect for the natural environment for years. Surrounded by ancient trees and the typical French patchwork of fields with high hedges (bocage), this ‘Eco-Zen’ haven is a great place to commune with Mother Nature.

“We are very pleased about La Fontaine du Hallate’s achievement,” said Philippe Francois, CEO of François-Tourisme-Consultants (FTC), official Green Globe partner in France, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. “This prestigious award confirms that all lodging structures, regardless of size, location, indoors or outdoors, can be in tune with the environment and earn international recognition.”

A long-term sustainability management system is in effect at the campsite La Fontaine du Hallate, energy goals are strictly monitored. Electricity comes from renewable sources, saving the property 1 ton CO2 per year, solar panels were installed in 2010. Wastewater is treated naturally by trays of sand, and a 3,000 liter tank retrieves filtered water. Local goods, products and services are given preference, while awareness is actively promoted among suppliers. A reuse and recycle policy is in place, and a waste sorting facility is located at the entrance of the campsite. The accommodation has been built using natural, energy-saving materials, and the structures fit into the landscape perfectly.

“At our campsite we always put respect for the environment first,” explained Claude Le Gloanic, Owner of La Fontaine du Hallate. “Responsible tourism opens the doors to everybody, and responsible management allows us to offer our product at a relatively low rate, making it an attractive destination for families with a low budget and groups.”

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, commented, “We are delighted to certify La Fontaine du Hallate in France, the first campsite in the world to achieve Green Globe certification. With their innovative environmental practices, such as solar hot water and sewage treatment by phyto-extraction, this campsite inspires and sets a wonderful example for sustainable travel and tourism.”

About La Fontaine du Hallate
The campsite La Fontaine du Hallate, located in the Morbihan area in Brittany, in France, is a nature preserve eco-lodge-style. Guests can get back to nature in accommodation that is traditional to the Mongolian steppes – the famous yurt, made of sheep’s wool and yak hair. Facilities are basic and the décor is colorful. Kitchen-wise there is a kettle and coffeemaker, and an outdoor barbeque. In addition, the property offers a selection of motorhomes to stay in. Guests can enjoy a variety of services, such as organic vegetable cooking on site or delivery of fresh bakery every morning. La Fontaine du Hallate makes a perfect base for a number of activities in the area: hiking, kayaking, fishing, boating, local sightseeing and visiting farmers markets.

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About Francois Tourisme Consultants
Founded in 1994 by Philippe Francois, Francois Tourisme Consultants is a team of highly specialized people and organizations to provide clients with solutions that fit best their requirements to reduce their environmental impact and constrain the operational costs of their business.

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