Keeping it Green at Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V.

Keeping it Green at Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V.
October 25, 2017 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently recertified Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V. in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Twin Peaks Hospitality has seen a multitude of small and big successes over the last year. The company adheres to a coherent Sustainability Management Plan and is committed to ongoing improvements. In the next few weeks, in line with energy reduction goals, 6 Tesla charging stations will be installed in the car park. In addition, the company is planning to expand the solar panel ‘farm’ on the roof by 220 panels pending city council approval.

Reducing water consumption remains a priority with monthly monitoring of water usage taking place and water saving devices fitted in bathrooms and toilets. Recent changes have seen new water meters installed in all rooms (in The Dutch) that indicate how much water people are using.

Christophe Beaumont, Owner and General Manager of Twin Peaks Hospitality B.V., believes that a fresh perspective is sometimes needed to see a solution that may be right in front of you. The hotel had been printing guest reservations and correspondence, which was the main source of print paper waste. One day, a seventeen year-old intern in the Front Office exclaimed, “Why are we still printing this stuff? We don’t need it and it’s a waste of paper and energy!” Management took note of this comment and now electronic communication is used for all external communication including ebrochures, e-newletters and e-bills. All reservation invoices are sent by email unless specifically required by guests. Furthermore, a message to “Keep It Green, Keep It On The Screen” is included on invoices to encourage customers to act responsibly.

Twin Peaks Hospitality provides equitable training opportunities for employees enabling each staff member to develop at their own pace. Education programs have been expanded with the introduction of monthly courses. Each member picks a topic of their own choosing and can either teach fellow colleagues about it or suggest it as a future topic for discussion. All staff are invited to participate in the sessions and the hotel provides a meeting room, organises guest speakers and arranges any other requirements. These sessions are fundamental in building a better understanding of sustainable practices.

Finally, Twin Peaks Hospitality has announced that after many previous attempts, it has successfully reached an agreement with the company that handles waste collection and Swill waste can now be fully separated. Swill is a term used to describe cooked and prepared kitchen waste and leftovers such as bread, drinks, eggshells, snacks, coffee grounds, vegetables and dairy products. Swill waste is separated into three separate waste streams for processing which is more environmentally friendly than current standard practices.


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