Karisma Hotels & Resorts giving back to Mexico’s Riviera Maya

Karisma Hotels & Resorts giving back to Mexico’s Riviera Maya
September 5, 2013 Arton Kabashi

Karisma Hotels & Resorts has Green Globe Certified properties located along Mexico’s Riviera Maya, and is working across the destination to encourage environmental awareness while investing in community and people.

Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ Corporate Sustainability Director, David Andres Ortegon Martinez says, “We have built a core sustainable management system – the Passion for Sustainability program – that works in full synergy with our operations. The activities, projects and initiatives of this system are constantly renewed by our team leaders and more than four hundred and fifty of our collaborators – staff and associates.”

So far strategic alliances have been established with the Health Centers of Mayan Riviera, as well as with the DIF (Center for the Integral Familiar Development), Caritas International, the Center of Integral Rehabilitation Teletón and other local institutions.

One of the strongest and more important campaigns undertaken by Karisma Hotels & Resorts is an initiative to oppose the mistreatment and sexual exploitation of children and teenagers coordinated with the DIF in Playa del Carmen.  Under this initiative Karisma has established policies to work against this type of abuse and forty three training and awareness sessions have been held with collaborators across all hotel and resort properties.

Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ environmental program Recycling with Sense, collects recyclable waste from houses of resort collaborators, selling the material to raise money for local projects. So far Karisma has supported the purchase of: Uniforms for the youth Basketball team “Strong”; a wheelchair for one of our collaborator´s sons; a medical earing device for one of the resort’s collaborators; and school materials for a local kindergarden. In the last two years, more than two thousand toys have been donated to six Mayan communities of Quintana Roo’s State under the Give a Toy, Receive a Smile program.

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