Jamaica Inn Hatching New Marine Conservation Programs

Jamaica Inn Hatching New Marine Conservation Programs
July 24, 2019 Bradley Cox

Set against a backdrop of green grass, vibrant flowers and glistening blue seas, Jamaica Inn is home to 48 suites and cottages adorned in crisp white and Wedgewood blue. Guests can swim in the calm Caribbean Sea, stroll through the impeccable grounds or simply marvel at the 30 species of tropical birds flittering from tree to tree.

Green Globe recertified Jamaica Inn in May this year.

The resort has been busy with various sustainable initiatives and projects. New energy and water saving measures have been implemented at the property. Electric water heaters for the plunge pool have been converted to propane gas to conserve energy and the introduction of the use of grey water for irrigation has significantly reduced water consumption.

Marine conservation efforts remain a priority at the resort. In collaboration with local fishermen and community partners, Jamaica Inn has spearheaded the establishment of a fish sanctuary along the coast. Last year, the resort was awarded the J.H.T.A.’s Environmental Sustainability Award for 2018 in recognition of its efforts. Working together with the White River Fish Sanctuary, the Jamaica Inn Foundation supports trained wardens that monitor the coast to prevent over fishing and are part of a 5-year coral restoration program. Fast growing staghorn coral have been transplanted at Camel Rock with reports that fish numbers are growing attracted by the new corals. With public support, the sanctuary’s overall objective is to increase the fish population by 500% in 5 years.

Jamaica Inn also works closely with The Oracabessa Turtle Bay Project and Sanctuary which continues its tireless work to protect endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtles. During the turtle hatching season each year, guests are invited to join in and assist hatchlings make their way to the sea. Although the season officially runs from August to October, the turtle season has already begun with a few female turtles spotted in May and June arriving early to nest.

For further information and updates on turtle hatchings please see www.jamaicainn.com