InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam: New Face of Success

InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam: New Face of Success
June 13, 2018 Bradley Cox

The InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam had an eventful 2017. The iconic landmark hotel that first opened its doors in 1867 underwent a major restoration of its roof and facade. As a sustainable business, the Green Globe Team’s aim of working on improvements continued despite the extensive renovations that took place. The team’s efforts were duly awarded and the InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam received their Green Globe Re-certification earlier this year.

The Green Team at InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam is responsible for launching and executing sustainable practices throughout the hotel, helping their colleagues in all departments and together achieving their objectives to deliver a more responsible business.

Barbara Stanek-Mileska, Housekeeping Senior Supervisor said, “I am so proud to work towards such a great initiative in addition to my day-to-day responsibilities. By the end of the year all our efforts paid off; proof of our team success! I mention team success, as without each one of my colleagues’ efforts this award would not be a reality. We will keep striving in all our green efforts, so watch this space!”

A number of improvements have been made in various areas throughout the property. A new exterior lighting system has been installed replacing old 250W lamps with 19W LED ones, motion sensors and LED lights have been installed in two pantries to save energy, new window panes with the newest double glass technology have been fitted, and roof isolation and isolating profiles have been installed to reduce heat flow within certain areas.

Amstel Hotel continues to work on strengthening social and business relationships in the region. The hotel is partnering with socially responsible local suppliers such as De Prael – a local beer producer. Furthermore, the local community is supported through various CSR initiatives such as De Waterheuvel, Jinc, Hulphond Nederland and many others. The mission and objectives of each of these organisations are outlined on the Amstel Hotel website link.

More opportunities are being invented to do business in a more sustainable way. The Green Globe Team and all hotel colleagues actively organise and work on new ideas and changes. As the year progresses, the team is confident they will retain their certification standard as well as strategize new improvements.


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Marketing Executive
InterContinental Amstel Amsterdam
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