ifo study demonstrates Leipziger Messe’s huge economic importance

ifo study demonstrates Leipziger Messe’s huge economic importance
July 22, 2015 Birte Besocke

Trade fairs and conventions in Leipzig are responsible for significant effects on purchasing power, employment and tax in Leipzig, the Free State of Saxony, Central Germany and the Federal Republic.

Leipziger Messe assures some 6,600 jobs in the Federal Republic, 4,700 and 3,800 of these in the Free State of Saxony and Leipzig alone respectively. This is one finding of the ifo study “Economic effects of an average event year for Leipziger Messe GmbH”, which the company presented to the public. The study focused solely on the economic effects of trade fairs and conventions staged in Leipzig.

The study indicates the impressive effects on purchasing power generated by Leipziger Messe. Throughout Germany, these are worth over 656 million euros, with almost half in the City of Leipzig itself. Calculated on the basis of Central Germany, purchasing power amounts to 454 million euros.

Above and beyond that, trade fairs and conventions in Leipzig generate annual tax revenue of over 120 million euros. Of this sum, around 37 million euros goes to the Free State of Saxony; some 7 million of the latter amount goes to Leipzig.

“The results show Leipziger Messe’s function as a driver of economic development for the entire region,” says Martin Buhl-Wagner, spokesman of the Executive Board of  the Leipziger Messe, assessing the study. “The effects for employment, purchasing power and taxes are impressive.”

However, the quantified economic effects only illustrate the lower limit of impact for the region. Managing Director Markus Geisenberger says: “Neither event-related orders nor the favourable opportunity for regional companies to make contact with national and international contacts have been included in the study.” The study has been very conservatively and verifiably calculated. “Since events are the root cause of expenditure in Leipzig and/or the Free State of Saxony, the economic effects would simply disappear without these trade fairs and conventions.”

  At a glance: Economic impact of trade fairs and conventions in Leipzig*

Purchasing power(in EUR millions) Taxes(in EUR millions) Employment(in number of jobs)
Germany 656.3 120.8 6,595
of which Central Germany 454.0 39.9 5,150
of which Saxony 403.0 37.3 4,699
of which Leipzig 315.3 6.9 3,790

*average event year incl. special functions, events, etc.

About the study

The study was compiled by the ifo Institute, Center for Economic Studies at the University of Munich. It conducted a survey of 1,250 exhibitors (trade fairs and conventions), 3,850 trade fair visitors, and 470 convention participants in the three categories of regional, national and international. The study exclusively depicts the effects generated by exhibitors and visitors at events staged in Leipzig.

About Leipziger Messe

Leipziger Messe is one of the ten leading trade fair companies in Germany and numbers among the Top 50 worldwide. As one of the oldest trade fair venues in the world, in 2015 it is celebrating “850 Years of Leipzig Trade Fairs”. The Leipziger Messe corporate group stages events in Leipzig and in various locations elsewhere in Germany and abroad. With five subsidiaries and the Congress Center Leipzig (CCL) the corporate group offers integrated event expertise that is exemplary for the organisation of state-of-the-art trade fairs, conventions and events. Thanks to this range of services, in 2014 clients and visitors voted Leipziger Messe the Service Champion of the trade fair industry in Germany’s biggest service ranking.

The Leipzig trade fair centre takes in an exhibition area of 111,300 m² and has open-air grounds of 70,000 m². Around 40 trade fairs, some 100 conventions, and numerous corporate business and other events take place every year, attended by more than 10,000 exhibitors and 1.2 million visitors from all over the world. Leipziger Messe is the first German trade fair company to be certified to Green Globe Standard. Sustainability is one of the guiding principles for the group’s business activities.


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