Iberostar’s Commitment to the Planet: Mexico and Beyond

Iberostar’s Commitment to the Planet: Mexico and Beyond
October 9, 2018 Bradley Cox

For many years Iberostar has worked to protect the environment and contributed to the development of local communities as well as the respectful conservation of Mexican culture and its surrounding areas. Moreover, the chain’s interior design team pays tribute to local culture with their final designs. By paying close attention to detail, the team has brought this essence to each one of Iberostar’s properties, without losing sight of the brand’s identity, focused on innovation, quality and excellence.

Green Globe has certified Iberostar’s 10 properties in Mexico in recognition of the brand’s sustainable efforts and achievements. In 2010, Iberostar Cozumel was the first to gain certification followed by other hotels over the years. Green Globe certification is an acknowledgement within the travel and tourism sector that is only awarded after a structured evaluation with more than 380 compliance indicators. Today we celebrate the 2018 recertification for the Iberostar Playa Paraíso Resort, Iberostar Quetzal and  Tucán, and Iberostar Playa Mita.

A Wave of Change

Iberostar Playa Paraiso Resort

The Iberostar Group is fully aware of the fundamental importance of our seas and oceans for the planet and for the survival of human beings. With more than 80% of its hotels located on the beachfront, the company has set out a pathway in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The Iberostar Group has specifically focused on people, as they are the force that drives and explains the company’s success, and the environment with particular attention paid to the protection of seas and oceans. To make the latter a reality, Iberostar recently launched an ambitious program called Wave of Change which is based on three essential pillars: the reduction of plastic pollution, the promotion of sustainable fishing and coastal health.

Elimination of Plastic Straws

This challenging project was launched in 2017 after an internal audit which enabled the company to detect all products that contain plastic within their composition. After a campaign was carried out in hotels to reduce the use of plastic straws by substituting them with straws made from other materials, a 10% reduction in their use was achieved with some 10 million less plastic straws being used each year.

By 2019, the Iberostar Group portfolio of more than 120 hotels will be free of single-use plastic, after an initial implementation of this project in June 2018 in the chain’s 36 hotels in Spain.

Iberostar Playa Mita

In the hotels in Mexico, the following actions have been undertaken so that this project continues to advance:

• A reduction in the use of straws, and biodegradable straws being offered only at the guest’s request. From 2017, when the campaign was launched, up to the present day, there has been a 98% reduction in the total use of plastic straws.

• A replacement of plastic bags used in trash cans in rooms and offices with vegetable bags made from cornstarch.

• The installation of water purification systems to reduce the use of single-use plastic bottles and containers in hotels and offices. With this action, a reduction of 280,000 plastic water bottles a month is estimated. To supplement this action, staff are provided with aluminum bottles to encourage them to refill and reduce the use of plastic.

• Substitution of disposable items with others made from reusable materials, and when the use of disposable items is essential, these have been replaced with biodegradable options.



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