IBEROSTAR México Reinforces Strategic Plan for CSR in UN Year of Sustainable Tourism

IBEROSTAR México Reinforces Strategic Plan for CSR in UN Year of Sustainable Tourism
June 13, 2017 Bradley Cox

IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts continues to develop projects within the framework of its Strategic Plan for CSR which, with its adherence to the United Nations Global Compact, has committed to integrate the 10 universally accepted principles to promote Corporate Social Responsibility in the areas of Human Rights , Labor Standards, Environment and Ethical Management and to ensure sustainable and responsible development.

The 10 hotels that the hotel chain has in Mexico are spearheading the Strategic Plan, especially within those projects aimed at protecting the environment. An important example of this is the Green Globe re-certification for sustainable tourism received by the company’s hotels in Mexico, a recognition of its commitment to protecting the environment, the development of local communities and protection of the culture of the regions where hotels are based. This success is even more notable during the United Nations Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development which aims to sensitize decision-makers and the general public to contribute to and promote sustainable tourism.

Green Globe certification is a structured evaluation of the travel and tourism business, as well as its partners. This includes 44 criteria supported by more than 380 compliance indicators which are applicable according to geographical area and local conditions, and organized in key themes: Sustainable Management, Social / Economic, Cultural Heritage and Environment. This certification is renewed every year when 50% of the indicators related to the criteria are reached.

To ensure that each of IBEROSTAR’s hotels in Mexico complies with this commitment, a Management System for Sustainability has been established, which aims to develop, coordinate and execute actions that minimize the impact of the operation and contribute to the conservation of the social and natural environment.

“All actions that integrate the System address different aspects, for example, the correct management of waste, the optimization of energy or the conservation of biodiversity,” said Rafael Carmona, Director of Operations of IBEROSTAR Mexico.

The ten IBEROSTAR hotels in Mexico rewarded this year with the Green Globe re-certification are housed within the following six resort precincts: IBEROSTAR Cancun, IBEROSTAR Cozumel, IBEROSTAR Playa Mita, IBEROSTAR Playa Paraiso, IBEROSTAR Quetzal and IBEROSTAR Tucán. 

“This re-certification represents a great achievement for all of us who are part of the IBEROSTAR team, we are proud to know that the effort is recognized, now the next step is to maintain it for a long time to continue to climb levels of certification” added Director Carmona.

To take care of energy resources IBEROSTAR has high energy efficiency equipment and water treatment plants, as well as rainwater collection systems for irrigation. Regarding waste treatment, each hotel in Mexico has a plan for the management of the same, and wet and recycle chambers have been installed, along with storage of used cooking oil and storage of hazardous waste.

Another of the great pillars for the chain, in terms of sustainability, is the conservation of biodiversity with hotels safeguarding native species.  Some properties also have a private collection of native and exotic wild species, for which IBEROSTAR has obtained government recognised authorization, and has a resident team of professionals who deal with animal welfare. One of the wildlife initiatives that should be highlighted is the Marine Turtle Conservation and Protection Program. In 2015 /16, this protection program increased the survival of turtle hatchlings, allowing the release of 117,000 turtle offspring back into the ocean.

Other every day actions completed by IBEROSTAR staff in line with the Strategic Plan for CSR include: participation in charity programs to raise funds for treatment of children with cancer; reforestation efforts; beach clean ups; and environmental education – all of which contribute to improving the conditions of the planet in which we live.