IBEROSTAR Cancún Committed to Conservation of Sea Turtles

IBEROSTAR Cancún Committed to Conservation of Sea Turtles
May 6, 2016 Bradley Cox

IBEROSTAR Cancún Golf & Spa Resort is an upscale, all-inclusive luxurious resort located on one of the finest beaches in Cancún, Mexico. It is the only resort in Cancún that offers an ocean front convention center. Couples and families can relax in modern, spacious rooms, most of which offer beautiful views of the blue Caribbean ocean waters.

Green Globe recently recertified IBEROSTAR Cancún for the third year running with the property achieving an outstanding compliance score of 85% against accredited criteria.

Gaspar Antonio Chan Itza, Environmental Manager at the resort said, “At IBEROSTAR Cancún Golf & Spa Resort, our commitment to the environment is one of our main goals each year. We strive to be better every day during our daily work, knowing that even the smallest detail is important from separating and throwing garbage into its corresponding bin, to supporting our community or using local products and services. We can all contribute to sustainability.”

IBEROSTAR Cancún is dedicated to protecting native Sea Turtles that are in danger of extinction and preserving their ecosystem. The resort has a Conservation and Protection of the Sea Turtle program in place that involves the participation of staff and tourists alike. Business partners of the resort also attend courses conducted by the Department of Ecology about steps they can take to contribute toward the conservation of the turtles.Iberostar Cancun 2

Turtle nesting takes place annually during May to October. Hundreds of White Turtles lay their eggs on the beach and within a period of approximately sixty days the new hatchlings make their way to the sea. But first, they must overcome various obstacles and dangers posed by their main predator – humans. During this period, IBEROSTAR Cancún takes active measures such as turning out lights in the restaurants after 11:00 PM and asks that guests and staff refrain from using camera flashes to avoid hindering or distracting the sea turtles while they are nesting. In 2015, after organizing several events to highlight the importance of protecting the turtles, resort staff along with guests and well-wishers shared the joy of returning approximately 9, 611 hatchlings to the sea. This is more than double the number of turtles liberated at the property in 2014, which totaled 4,008.

To reduce its impact on the environment, IBEROSTAR Cancún has a comprehensive waste management plan in place. Each department adheres to good environmental practices and the property works closely with authorities and waste disposal companies by providing feedback and running courses for resort staff that aim to reduce the generation of waste. With the assistance of the Department of Environmental Management, waste management operations comply with set standards and recycling is promoted to guests through the use of segregated recycling bins. Furthermore, garbage collection companies are certified to store and dispose of waste in accordance with responsible practices.

IBEROSTAR Cancún organises CSR activities in the community to support ecological and regional development. The property participates in Earth Hour each year and ran a IBEOSTAR 3Recyclathon where unwanted items were recycled rather than being discarded and becoming landfill. In addition, the resort donates towels, clothes and equipment to those in need and to other charitable organizations in the city of Cancún.

To raise awareness regarding sustainability, the resort has a number of environmental initiatives and policies that encourage guests to participate in eco-friendly practices such as reusing towels and linen and separating recyclable items, organic and inorganic waste. Also, straws are only distributed upon request at restaurants.

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