Hotel van Oranje: Smart Planning Saves The Environment

Hotel van Oranje: Smart Planning Saves The Environment
September 6, 2017 Bradley Cox

Hotel van Oranje, Autograph Collection® is perfectly situated right on the beach and the lively boulevard of Noordwijk, just 30 minutes from Amsterdam.

Green Globe recently recertified Hotel van Oranje for the sixth consecutive year.

Jaap Liethof, Managing Director at hotel said, “We did it again and we are so proud. It’s a way of living that we all have embraced and for that I’m very proud. I want to thank our dedicated Green Globe Team, under the leadership of HR manager Saskia Breuls, for their excellent work. This team outdoes itself every year!”

Best practices at the Hotel van Oranje focus on limiting negative impacts on the surrounding environment through careful planning and overall management. Since 2016, Beachclub O., the hotel’s permanent beach pavilion, has been using a high-tech dishwasher to significantly reduce water and energy usage. In addition, to further minimize electricity consumption dishwashers and glass washers automatically turn off at night when not in use while coffee machines turn off during the early hours of the morning. Employees are also instructed to switch off lighting and air-conditioning units after leaving rooms to save energy.

The hotel conducts a day-by-day analysis of total food consumption during buffets and meal breaks and adapts the amount of food served accordingly in an effort to control the volume of food waste generated. The demographics of groups are analyzed along with the purpose of the meetings and the program of the day to calculate food requirement quantities. This method of planning is invaluable as environmental benefits are gained and food cost savings can be made.

General waste management is another key focus for the hotel. Smit & Dorlas Coffee creamer-cups are eco-friendly and biologically degradable. And plastic bottles often used in large quantities are collected by the bag load and delivered to a garbage disposal company for recycling.


Merel van Koldenhoven
Marketing Manager
Hotel van Oranje, Autograph Collection®
Koningin Wilhelmina Blvd. 20-31
Noordwijk aan Zee
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