Middle East Challenges: Interview with Green Globe CEO

Middle East Challenges: Interview with Green Globe CEO
April 27, 2015 Bradley Cox

Mid EastHotels throughout the region are becoming leaders in sustainability as they develop innovative solutions to meet the challenges of waste management, energy shortages and extreme climates

An average Middle Eastern hotel produces twice as much carbon dioxide as a European hotel of the same size, according to Guido Bauer, chief executive officer of Green Globe, a company which provides global certification for sustainable tourism.

P3“European certified hotels are much more efficient in reducing their carbon footprint compared to Middle Eastern [Green Globe] member hotels,” says Bauer. “However, a more pressing challenge for the Middle East, from our perspective, is the nonrecycling of waste.”

For large, luxurious hotels, waste builds up at staggering rates. Solutions depend on the space and resources each hotel has available, as well as  …  Read more