Hotel Sans Souci Wien Helps Tackle Waste Management in Austria

Hotel Sans Souci Wien Helps Tackle Waste Management in Austria
February 16, 2021 Bradley Cox

The Hotel Sans Souci Wien is regarded as one of the best luxury hotels in Austria with imaginative, contemporary interiors designed by YOO. This elegant boutique hotel is located right in the heart of Vienna’s cultural and artistic city centre.

Green Globe recently recertified Hotel Sans Souci Wien. The hotel was awarded its first certification in 2017.

Theresa Berger, Online Marketing Manager and Green Globe Project Leader at the hotel said, “It is great fun to incorporate one of our core values – namely sustainability – into the daily operations of Hotel Sans Souci Wien. I am proud of the progress that we have made during the last year and look forward to our new green projects in 2021!”

Best practices at Hotel Sans Souci Wien include improving waste management strategies not only at the property itself but also within Austria and minimizing energy and water usage.

Waste Management Practices

Sans Souci Wien is a pioneer when it comes to reducing and eliminating waste. One of the hotel’s initiatives involves working together with the Austrian Hotelier´s Association and the University of Natural Resources in Vienna to create a manual that aims to assist the hospitality industry in Austria to generate less waste.

Strategies to reduce waste can be found in different areas of the hotel. At the breakfast buffet no food is wrapped in plastic, instead ingredients are prepared and served on plates. Restaurant and bar teams have also replaced plastic straws with glass straws to eliminate plastics. Furthermore, the entire Sans Souci team separate all waste in each department so that a maximum amount of refuse can be recycled rather than going to landfill. Finally, the reservations department is completely paperless and all other departments are steadily working toward full digitalization of operations.

Energy Saving Measures

A significant amount of energy is saved through the use of a building management system (BMS) that directly controls heating and air conditioning systems at the property. Energy use is only activated once a guest checks into a room. The BMS ensures a room is adequately warmed up or cooled down when a room is occupied. Rooms are cooled or heated to a standard temperature of 20° in winter and 27° in summer.

Water Conservation

To optimize use of natural resources, the hotel offers drinking water sourced directly from the surrounding mountains. Guests can enjoy healthy fresh alpine water straight from the tap.

In line with the hotel’s linen reuse program, guests at Sans Souci Wien have the option to decide whether they would like to refrain from the daily changing of bed linen. A wooden cube with engraved explanations has been especially designed for this purpose where guests can easily indicate their desired preference to housekeeping staff. If the cube is placed onto the bed in the morning, the housekeeping team will change the bed linen. If not, guests and the hotel help the environment through reducing water usage and use of laundry detergents.

For further information about sustainability practices Hotel Sans Souci Wien please click here.


Theresa Berger
Online Marketing Manager & Green Globe Project Leader
Hotel Sans Souci Wien
Burggasse 2
1070 Vienna
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