Hotel Mama Cuchara: First Green Globe Property in Ecuador

Hotel Mama Cuchara: First Green Globe Property in Ecuador
October 23, 2019 Bradley Cox

Hotel Mama Cuchara is situated in the Historic Center of Quito, the best-preserved and least altered historic center of UNESCO’s world heritage sites in Latin America. The hotel is within walking distance from the Plaza Santo Domingo, La Ronda, and many of the city’s most popular old sites.

Green Globe Certification was recently awarded to the Hotel Mama Cuchara with the hotel receiving a magnificent compliance score of 89%.

One of the most notable practices at the property is the meticulous restoration of the Spanish-colonial house built in the 1860s. The recognized UNESCO World Heritage listed building in the old downtown area has been transformed into a modern boutique hotel that first opened its doors in 2017. With sustainability at the forefront of renovations, natural lighting has been incorporated along with water and energy saving measures whilst conserving the original infrastructure and history behind the house. Construction materials from the original building were also reused where possible to minimize waste from restoration works.

As a family owned and operated property, Hotel Mama Cuchara shares a philosophy and vision with fellow Art Hotels that focuses on management working closely with staff members, neighbors, guests and people in the wider community. Art and music are other key areas that are valued and promoted to preserve indigenous culture in Ecuador. Vibrant, creative local art adorns walls and areas within the property while local performing musicians are also part of daily life here. Guests may be surprised to discover staff members double as musicians or artists displaying their hidden talents. Through these interactions, guests are seamlessly immersed in the traditional culture of the region. In addition, unique culinary dishes highlight Ecuadorian products and gastronomy.

In line with equal opportunity initiatives, Hotel Mama Cuchara employs men and women of different ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds as well as people with disabilities. The hotel supports the Just Be hospitality program where team members with disabilities are placed in various hotel departments providing them with opportunities to pursue productive livelihoods.

Hotel Mama Cuchara’s and Art Hotel’s Sustainable Practices can be viewed here.


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