Hotel Baseler Hof Leads Hamburg Hospitality

Hotel Baseler Hof Leads Hamburg Hospitality
November 17, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Hotel Baseler Hof is a 107 year old traditional 4 star hotel and as one of the last privately owned hotels in the centre of Hamburg is protected as an historic monument.

Sabine Goetz, Environmental Officer at Hotel Baseler Hof said, “We are delighted to work in close conjunction with our local Green Globe agent to achieve higher ratings on every re-certification. This has worked extremely well on the issues of energy saving and building restoration. It is good to have a partner who advises and looks at all aspects of the business.

“We have successfully restored our early 19th Century Building creating 9 Suites and 4 Conference rooms along historic lines. Our overall energy consumption has dropped in the second consecutive year whilst business has improved,” Sabine Goetz added.

Only part of the original hotel building remains today. Over the decades the Hotel Baseler Hof has gradually been rebuilt, extended and extensively renovated. Local heritage and traditions are preserved at the hotel by complying with strict building code specifications. This was also a major consideration during the renovation of the roof and is reflected in classical furniture choices. In celebration of the hotel’s hundredth year anniversary a publication was released to chronicle historical changes and developments at Hotel Baseler Hof.

The hotel is a model for sustainable operations and works in co-operation with the State Ministry of Urban Development and Environment (BSU) and is guided by the European Commission’s Hamburg Green Capital 2011 initiative. Under this agreement the city of Hamburg aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 40% by 2020. Energy checks and saving measures have been implemented at the hotel and in 2012 a Facility Management System was introduced which led to a reduction of 40 tons of carbon emissions.

Over the past 15 years, the hotel has consulted with engineers on how to improve its usage of advanced energy reduction technology. The underlying goal is long-term durability and sustainability. In 2013, exemplary planning by management and engineers resulted in an investment of € 1.5 million to repair the roof and the system of insulation using energy-efficient materials and techniques. To further reduce energy consumption in its daily operations, Hotel Baseler Hof offers guests room prices that include tickets for 3 days of travel on Hamburg’s public transportation system (HVV).

Social engagement initiatives include regular training courses for employees such as health care programs, and courses on occupational safety. On each floor of the hotel photo-portraits are displayed of chambermaids who achieve high levels of participation and professionalism. In addition, a private kindergarten has been opened for staff that provides childcare services in a convenient location.

As part of its corporate responsibilities the hotel hosts functions for foundations such as the David-Ben Gurion-foundation, Christian Academy of VCH and sponsors several foundations including Stiftung Lebenshilfe e.V. Hamburg, “Youth helps youth“. And each year the hotel provides support to the homeless magazine Hinz & Kunst in accordance with the Christian values supported by the hotel.

The KLEINHUIS´ Restaurant is the hotel’s restaurant and winebar, where regional food from the northern parts of Germany is on offer and a great choice of international wines to go with it.