Hilton Salalah Resort: Bringing Dreams To Life

Hilton Salalah Resort: Bringing Dreams To Life
April 4, 2018 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently awarded the Hilton Salalah Resort in Oman its inaugural certification.

William Costley , Hilton Vice President AP & Turkey ( Arabian Peninsula and Turkey) said, “The Hilton Salalah team has been working towards this prestigious certification for the past 18 months. I am very impressed to see how Team Members engaged with the project and embraced a culture of sustainability. This certification shows that Hilton Salalah takes the challenge seriously. Congratulations!”

Mehdi Othmani, General Manager of Hilton Salalah Resort and William Costley, Hilton Vice President Arabian Peninsula & Turkey


Mehdi Othmani, General Manager, outlines sustainable strategies carried out by Team Members at the resort that benefit the wider community in Oman.

Mr Othmani said, “Achieving the prestigious Green Globe Award is yet another example of our people bringing the dream of our founder, Conrad Hilton, to life and his dream of filling the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality.”

Hilton Salalah Resort is committed to improving the lives of Omani adults and children and supports many social initiatives.

“The resort works closely with the Ministry of Labor to train and recruit locals in the hotel industry to boost regional economic development. We are very excited to see the continuous year on year growth in terms of local Omanis being hired.” Mr Othmani added.

To further encourage regional business activity, local artists are offered free spaces and stands within the resort lobby where they display and sell their artworks and handcrafts. Stands around swimming pools also display locally grown fruits for sale. In addition, the hotel purchases fish and seafood caught by local fishermen and various cheeses produced within the region.

The Hilton Salalah Resort invests in numerous health incentives that contribute to the livelihoods of all Omani citizens. Working together with the Ministry of Health, blood donation drives are organized once or twice a year as well as different awareness campaigns. At a recent cancer awareness campaign, organised in part by the Hilton Salalah Team, doctors were invited to speak to local residents about the different ways and means to prevent, detect and treat different type of cancers.

The resort supports young children by sponsoring educational programs at local schools. Five different public schools participated in the most recent event – a spelling bee competition. These kind of programs aim to enhance the English language skills of local students.


Mehdi Othmani
General Manager
Hilton Salalah Resort
P.O.BOX 699
phone: +968 23 23 133333
fax: +968 23 133334
web: salalahresort.hilton.com