Hermitage Bay, Small But Powerful Advocate For The Environment

Hermitage Bay, Small But Powerful Advocate For The Environment
April 15, 2016 Bradley Cox

Green Globe certified Hermitage Bay is a hidden gem in the parish of St Johns, Antigua and really strives to be true to the ideals the property heralded at inception – a tourism facility that would respect the environment and flow organically with its surroundings.

One of the striking features about Hermitage Bay is how it is intertwined among the mangroves that are a vital part of the coastal ecosystem. The property was built in such a way to ensure that there was no restriction of the natural flow to the near by lagoon and thereby underpinning the health of this important ecosystem.

The property takes seriously the goal to have their guests indulge in experiences, from visual land and seascapes, to great cuisine, to appreciating of the sounds of nature. To support the fine fare that is crafted under the hands of Chef Desroy and his team, the property boasts an Organic Garden which provides a portion of the herbs, fruits and vegetables that are part of the cuisine. Guided tours to the organic garden or the alternate Christian Farm where the property gets more organic produce is certainly a rewarding experience.

This is further enhanced when guests have the opportunity to see or pick foods which will be used in the Caribbean Cooking class, a weekly event that helps guests understand Antiguan culture through its food. This is a great hit among the guests as they appreciate the farm to plate experience.

The surrounding mangrove lagoon also contributes to this exercise. One of the popular activities is cockle hunting. These local molluscs are reaped from the mangroves and makes a delicious local soup or whatever culinary twist the chefs conjure to delight the palette. Again the synergy of the property and the ecosystem producing a successful outcome.

9877b11e1d48a77aae2bfcc75caed478The owner and management are to be commended as they look to ensure that staff are a happy part of the Hermitage Bay family. In the Hermitage Bay family, steps are taken to ensure staff facilities are comfortable, the food sumptuous and nutritious and employees have a voice. This also means the environmental programme is not just for the owners or for the Green Team, but for all staff to learn, to participate and to give back to the community. They are willing participants in the number of clean-ups that are planned throughout the course of the year. It can be said that the programme invigorates the entire property.

General Manager, Rachel Browne, had this to say about sustainability at Hermitage Bay, “All of us here at the Hermitage Bay understand that the product we offer is to immerse our guests in our natural surroundings, helping them to re-connect, to re-charge. The environment, the sea, the mangroves and natural vegetation are key to this and we continue our efforts to conserve and, where necessary, preserve the environment while sharing our vision with the wider community. This involves both clean-up activities as well as operating in a way to respect and live in harmony with our beautiful surroundings.”

As Hermitage Bay continues on their sustainability journey with year on year improvements, they will have staff and guests involved, and demonstrate  what boutique properties can do in protecting natural resources and enriching our experiences in Antigua and the wider Caribbean.


Hermitage Bay is a natural paradise – a perfect retreat for anyone wanting to escape the stresses and strains of a busy life. Our 27 individual suites nestle on the beach and hillside of a perfect bay, in beautiful tropical gardens, in the perfect seclusion offered by the surrounding 140 acres of lush, undeveloped land.

Our food is delicious. We use as much locally grown and organic produce as we can, and are very proud that we now have our own organic kitchen garden on site. Our staff are wonderful. Many of them have been with us since the hotel opened. Looking after you gives them joy. Nothing is too much trouble.

The resort is committed to providing a luxurious, peaceful, natural environment where mind, body and spirit can be nurtured and restored by our committed, kind and caring staff and a secluded, idyllic Caribbean location.

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