Heart College of Hospitality Services: Green Changes Over Four Years

Heart College of Hospitality Services: Green Changes Over Four Years
March 17, 2020 Bradley Cox

The Heart College of Hospitality Services is committed to preparing flexible and responsive workers through experiential and cooperative learning to meet the demands of a dynamic and changing hospitality industry, and to the continuous professional development of staff.

Green Globe recently recertified the Heart College of Hospitality Services in Jamaica with the school receiving a high compliance score of 85%.

The College’s motto written by George Bernard Shaw is “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

Over the past four years Heart College has ensured that they are operating in a sustainable manner and consistently work on different key initiatives. This also involves making adjustments as necessary in line with the updating of sustainable practices.

Resource Management

National Tree Planting Day

To conserve energy, all air conditioning units on the property are energy efficient and upgrades are currently underway. Energy Star rated computer systems and printers are installed in offices while air conditioners in guest rooms, conference rooms and office facilities operate on efficient temperature settings.

Minimal water usage is achieved with the installation of water-saving faucets and low-flush toilets within bathrooms. Drought-tolerant native species are also planted within gardens and drip irrigation is used to water plants in the early morning and as necessary to save water. The property’s onsite sewage treatment plant (STP) is rigorously managed and treated wastewater is also used for irrigation purposes.

Reduce Generation of Waste

To reduce waste volume, no plastic straws are used at the college and Styrofoam containers are banned. Trainees and staff are encouraged to use recyclable water bottles to lessen the number of plastic bottles generated daily. Furthermore, take- back policies are in place with food suppliers who deliver goods in reusable containers.

Minimizing Environmental Impacts

To reduce the property’s carbon footprint, Heart College prefers sourcing its supplies from local merchants. Only local seafood is purchased, and the property observes the moratoriums and bans that pertain to fish and seafood stocks.

All bathrooms and handwash stations are equipped with certified toiletries. In addition, the property uses eco- friendly cleaning solutions and although there is a boarding entity attached to the property, trainees are not allowed to use products that are not environmentally friendly. No sodium hypochlorite (bleach) is used onsite.

CSR Initiatives

Care packages for the St. Ann Infirmary

Heart College continues to operate under the three (3) pillars of sustainability and annually coordinates the International Coastal Clean-Up within the environs of the property. National Tree Planting Day is also held at the college where both staff and trainees pause to reflect and show their appreciation for Mother Nature.

In the wider community, college staff contribute to less fortunate members of the community by arranging social outreach programmes such as the delivery of care packages to residents at the St. Ann Infirmary.


Kenesha Walcott
Instructor / Environmental Officer (Acting)
HEART College of Hospitality Services and the Cardiff Hotel and Spa
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