Green Globe Viewpoint: Switzerland’s Most Sustainable Cities

Green Globe Viewpoint: Switzerland’s Most Sustainable Cities
December 19, 2019 Bradley Cox

As the headquarters for the Olympic Committee, Lausanne is known for its upbeat vibe and future vision. Overlooking the beautiful Lake Geneva, it is our third and last destination among Switzerland’s most sustainable cities. Lausanne uses renewable energies, promotes alternative mobility, has sustainably managed its resources for many years and will meet its greenhouse gas reduction target of 20% by 2020.

Other major achievements for Lausanne are the affordable supply of water, and strict construction criteria for sustainable housing. To promote nature within the city, Lausanne encourages the installation of green roofs on government and private buildings, including the installation of nest boxes for birds and insects as well as planting gardens with native flowers and shrubs.

Among the city’s outstanding projects are the ecoquartiers, which are currently under construction. In order to meet the concept of the “2000 watt society”, the buildings will comply with the most recent and demanding energy and ecological standards, both for their construction and operation. The first ecoquartier will be completed in 2030. This eco-neighborhood aims to be exemplary for its quality of life, will welcome around 12,500 new inhabitants and jobs.

The Global Sustainability Index shows 71% of energy comes from renewables, 56% of waste is recycled and 69% of green certified hotels are located in Lausanne.

Green Globe certified Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne has a range of sustainability initiatives. As the hotel is located next to Lake Geneva, there is a special focus on water. All guest rooms and public spaces are air-conditioned using water from the lake as a heat exchanger. And all bathrooms, toilets and kitchens are fitted with water saving devices.

Taking the water theme one step further, Mövenpick Hotel Lausanne through its SHINE program supports SapoCycle, an international organization that recycles left-over soap into new soap bars, which are then distributed to families in developing countries.

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