Green Globe Solutions: Online Collaboration for Sustainability

Green Globe Solutions: Online Collaboration for Sustainability
March 1, 2017 Bradley Cox

Green Globe Solutions (GGS) is the fast, easy to use online platform for sustainability. Bringing together the full set of sustainability criteria under 4 themes – Sustainable Management, Social/Economics, Cultural Heritage and Environment – GGS allows staff from all departments to document activities that demonstrate compliance to the Green Globe Standard.

GGS is the ideal tool for bringing together Green Teams in any business and delivers a systematic approach to working through all criteria and related indicators, building-out the enterprise’s own customized system for sustainability. This system is then a reliable record of past achievements, and a legacy database for future Green Team members to add to, as they plan and carry out their programs of continuous improvement.

With over 380 individual indicators to be actioned across an enterprise, management can assign indicators to relevant departments and, while the certification is underway, monitor and review activities of all Green Team members. GGS can be accessed simultaneously by staff in all areas, providing document management and merging as well as uploading of photos as further evidence.

For hotel and resort chains with operations in a number of destinations, core documentation can be bulk-loaded and distributed to all units. This centralized approach brings consistency across the chain and saves a tremendous amount of time. Policies for purchasing, human resources, utility management, etc., can be pre-audited and then distributed for actioning at the hotel or resort.

GGS is accessible from any location that has internet access and can be used on desktop and mobile devices. All work and documentation is stored in the cloud and a hierarchy of access can be established by businesses, with log-ins for global overview through to individual team member sign-ins.

Green Globe Director Certification & Membership Care, Birte Besocke, said, “We have incorporated our years of certification experience into GGS and believe it is super-efficient for completing certification as well as managing a business’s overall approach to sustainability. For annual reporting, GGS is also an ideal tool, as it houses all necessary information in an easy access environment.”

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