Green Globe selected to join Paris COP 21 Sustainable Innovation Forum

Green Globe selected to join Paris COP 21 Sustainable Innovation Forum
October 20, 2015 Bradley Cox

From over 4000 applicants Green Globe has been selected to join The Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF15) at the annual Conference of Parties (COP), taking place this year on 7- 8 December at COP21 in Paris.

Green Globe Director Communications, Brad Cox said, “It is indeed a unique opportunity to learn from and contribute to this prestigious international forum examining the latest in sustainable development.”

Green Globe has long been a contributor to the evolving world agenda around earth-friendly and socially responsible development. Green Globe was one of many innovations developed at the original United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), held in 1992 and today known as the Rio Earth Summit. This conference is seen of the progenitor of today’s sustainability movement and the subsequent actions to reduce greenhouse gases and begin to battle the extreme effects of climate change.

“Green Globe, along with its international academic and NGO partners, first established the sustainability standard for ongoing development of travel and tourism businesses around the world. And today we must continue to improve that standard by understanding new innovations that can make a real and positive difference to people’s lives and the place where they live alogo-cop21-hpnd prosper. The Paris COP 21 Sustainable Innovation Forum will allow Green Globe to invest in better outcomes for our members and bring new and profitable insights in growing their businesses and protecting their destinations ” said Brad Cox.

Building on year-round work from Climate Action and the UN Environment Programme, the Sustainable Innovation Forum will convene cross-sector participants from business, Government, finance, UN, NGO and civil society to create an unparalleled opportunity to bolster business innovation and bring scale to the emerging green economy.