Green Globe Recognised for Mandatory Energy Audits in The Netherlands

Green Globe Recognised for Mandatory Energy Audits in The Netherlands
June 22, 2016 Bradley Cox

In 2012, the European Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27//EU – also called the OATH) was established to realize Europe’s commitment to a 20% reduction in total energy consumption by all member countries by 2020. The valuable outcomes from meeting this target will be a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants, reduction in energy bills and less dependence on the import of fossil fuels.

One of the key actions of the Directive is the roll out of mandatory energy audits for all businesses across the continent. While large companies, particularly those utilising significant energy resources, will be required to provide extensive reporting, small and medium sized enterprises (SME) have also been included in this auditing program.

For Green Globe members based in Europe, this could be seen as a difficult and costly compliance measure. However, at least one European Member State, The Netherlands, has recognised Green Globe certification and its accompanying audit, as a compliant system that can meet the needs of the Directive’s mandatory energy audits.

This is an excellent outcome for Dutch Green Globe members and further investigation is underway to find out which other European Member States may also recognise Green Globe certification.

The core obligations of the Directive’s mandatory energy audits are to gain an accurate measure of businesses’ energy use and an understanding of energy saving activities that are being employed to lower consumption against internal targets.

Section D.1.3 Energy Consumption, within the Green Globe Standard, already requires our members to measure energy consumption, indicating all sources, and demonstrate a decrease in overall consumption. Adherence to this criterion, not only brings beneficial energy and cost savings , but may now also serve as the core component in meeting the requirements of the mandatory energy audits.

While the European Energy Efficiency Directive has been legislated for a number of years, the deadline to commence reporting was December 2015. Today there is still a lot of work to be done across Europe to comply with the Directive, and Green Globe partners in Europe are looking into how to make the transition to this new system as easy as possible for members. In The Netherlands, Green Globe members should contact our Preferred Partner Dr. Sarah Jenny, Director Duurzame Hotels Nederlands.

Dr. Jenny will assist with mapping the work completed under Green Globe’s D.1.3 Energy Consumption criterion, against the Directives’ requirements including some of the more complex data capture around energy consumption for transport, as well as life cycle analysis of equipment including long term savings.

For more information contact:

Dr. Sarah Jenny
Duurzame Hotels Nederland B.V.
Phone: +3136 546 1215
Mob: +31 6 23 146 312