Green Globe Launches New Label

Green Globe Launches New Label
May 20, 2015 Bradley Cox

It has been 20 years since the Green Globe brand was originally created and today sees the launch of the new logolabel’s third update with a new flat design. The Green Globe brand and label have become synonymous with sustainable tourism and are the hallmark of quality travel and tourism world wide.

Green Globe Director of Communications, Brad Cox said, “Green Globe was the first global organisation to bring sustainability certification to travel and tourism over two decades ago. The Green Globe brand and label is valued by hotels, resorts, conference centres and attractions as clearly designating the businesses as complying with our rigorous standard. The label effectively communicates the achievements of Green Globe members in developing and protecting the social, environmental and cultural aspects of their enterprises.”

jpg-certifiedUnlike the recent green programs that have entered the travel and tourism market place, Green Globe stands for comprehensive sustainable management. Travellers are assured that businesses labelled Green Globe are doing more than simply changing light bulbs or reusing linen. Green Globe certified members are investing in their employees, protecting natural and cultural heritage as well as monitoring and improving on all environmental indicators, including energy, water and waste.

With its new design, Green Globe remains committed to being the trusted label for real accomplishments in building lasting and equitable travel and tourism companies. It also is a beacon for travellers who look for quality that is underpinned by a standard demanding documented evidence of a tourism establishments’ real achievements. And to be sure that the Green Globe label appears on only the very best in the industry, all Green Globe certified members must complete and on-site verification inspection by a qualified sustainability auditor.

“Our new label carries with it all the values that have made Green Globe the most trusted mark in the travel and tourism, and with this latest design we continue to communicate to all those who enjoy travel and want to support the destinations they choose to visit,” added Mr Cox.