Green Globe Gold Awarded to Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments Dubai

Green Globe Gold Awarded to Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments Dubai
August 26, 2020 Bradley Cox

Close to the white sands of Jumeirah Beach, the Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments Dubai is a pure gem in the centre of bustling Dubai featuring a wealth of amenities for families, business travellers, holidaymakers and longer staying guests.

Green Globe awarded Gold status to Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments Dubai in July this year, marking five consecutive years of certification.

Green Globe Accredited Auditor, Nadia Ibrahim from FARNEK Middle East, details some of the property’s best practices that contributed toward its outstanding compliance score of 95%.

A well-developed Sustainability Management Plan and Environmental Policy is available online that outlines the property’s environmental initiatives, programs and plans. The property’s dedicated Green Committee convenes every month to discuss and monitor the progress of sustainability initiatives and devise future action plans.

Sustainable Building Practices

A few of the passive technologies implemented by the property to optimize energy consumption include double glazed windows, heat resistance tint film on all windows, a roof top organic garden, use of thermal paints and architectural design that maximizes natural lighting.

Alongside passive technologies, the property has adopted many active technologies which include a BMS and CPM, VFD installed on all HVAC units, the installation of LED lights in guest rooms and public areas, Cooling Towers Refurbishment (Eura Drive Energy Saving System) and installation of new hot water pumps and heat exchangers.

Eco-friendly Products

Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments purchases sustainable products including green label carpets, Oxo biodegradable trash bags, eco- friendly amenities, FSC certified paper and Fair Trade certified tea. The property uses Intertek eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Single use plastic/paper cups have been replaced with cups that are lined with PLA which is 100% compostable. In addition, the property has completely eliminated bleached napkins replacing white napkins with colored ones.

Staff Training

With over 300 employees of 20 nationalities, Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments offers comprehensive training to all staff covering different aspects of sustainability such as quality, safety, environment, respecting local cultures and raising awareness regarding forms of exploitation. Training on the Environment and Sustainability is introduced during orientation and regular refresher training is also conducted. The property has a well-developed Disaster & Crisis Management Manual covering various types of emergency responses and disasters. Furthermore, strong objectives and policies to combat exploitation and sexual harassment are in place that are supported by effective staff training.

Sustainability Awards

In 2019, Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments received the Dubai Sustainable Award for the 4 -star hotel category in recognition of efforts made to reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability within the tourism industry. In addition, The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) awarded Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments certificates of appreciation in recognition of its recycling initiatives. The hotel was the first runner up in the Corporate Category for collecting 16 015 kg of Glass in the 2018 campaign and won third place for collecting 1238 kg of cans.

Covid-19 Actions

Two Seasons Hotel & Apartments has been active during the Covid-19 period. During Ramadan in May this year, the property offered delicious meals delivered to customers at home. In addition, the House of Noodles restaurant at the property now offers digital menus accessed through scanning a QR code and a guaranteed 24-hour Unused Room System has been launched to assure guests that stringent hygiene and sanitation procedures are being followed prior to their arrival at the hotel.