Green Globe Certifies Level 7 Consulting, Bali

Green Globe Certifies Level 7 Consulting, Bali
August 3, 2012 Arton Kabashi

Aug 01, 2012, Los Angeles, CA  – Green Globe announces certification of Level 7 Consulting in Bali, Indonesia. This achievement cements the company’s commitment to promote sustainable development through projects that create value and serve as a catalyst for positive change within the community, striving for balance between economies, prosperity, environmental and cultural harmony.






“It is very clear to us that there is no incompatibility between doing business in a sustainable way and achieving good financial results. Furthermore, we will prove that conducting business in a socially and ecologically responsible way will increase profitability,” said Dario Kozul, partner with Level 7 Consulting. “Working with Green Globe Certification and implementing the relevant indicators has resulted in energy savings of 45% in our operation.”

Level 7 Consulting supports energy projects in Bali and throughout Indonesia that come from renewable natural resources, such as biomass, biofuels and small hydro. Those projects are suited to rural and remote areas, where energy is needed for human development by most vulnerable parts of society, encouraging their development in an environmentally sustainable and responsible manner. Indonesia’s fertile land is very rich in biomass materials from forests waste, plantation maintenance and city farming products. Level 7 Consulting is currently planning several experimental projects aimed at converting biomass into fuel and pilot projects to produce fuel at a commercial level. As a tropical country Indonesia has abundant water streams and hydroelectric power installations make a considerable source of energy to reach even remote areas.

Level 7 Consulting’s sustainability policies and practices have been integrated into all aspects of the business operations. The creative ways of promoting awareness and application of eco-friendly practices among staff and partners have built an environment where team members are proud about the achievement and continue to correct and remind each other about their daily habits.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, commented, “We are very pleased about Level 7 Consulting’s certification. Their level of compliance with Green Globe standards is very good and the company’s quick wins and incentives system highlight the progress Level 7 Consulting has made. Striking a balance between providing world-class service and optimizing operations by continuing to reduce redundancies is a challenge that Level 7 Consulting overcame. With their strategies in place, this company will become a truly sustainable enterprise.”


About Level 7 Consulting


Level 7 Consulting is specialized in providing consulting services to International and Domestic clients, who are looking to invest into ecologically sustainable and socially responsible projects in Bali and throughout Indonesia. The company is specialized in providing assistance to investors and developers to navigate through the complex process of planning and managing environmental and sustainable projects. Services include master planning, cost planning and evaluation, supervision, engineering, site design, interior and exterior design, architecture and construction.


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