Green Globe certifies Club Med – Gregolimano in Greece

Green Globe certifies Club Med – Gregolimano in Greece
March 9, 2012 Arton Kabashi

Green Globe today announced certification of Club Med Gregolimano in Greece. The Hotel is situated in the Northwest on the island Eubea (Evia), around 140 km north of Athens and is in between the sea and the mountains with a 1 km stretch of beach.

Protecting nature has always been part of Club Mediterranee’s corporate strategy. The appreciation of the natural world and its benefits goes back to the very beginnings of Club Med. It has always paid close attention to the way is Villages are integrated into the landscape, the use of local architectural styles and materials, and the conservation of native species as well as energy efficiency and responsible use of water.

Priority sustainability objectives of Club Med Gregolimano include improvement of waste management, eco-responsible purchasing in sensitive product categories, promotion of local purchasing and contribution to local development and local identity.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Mr. Guido Bauer, said, “We are very pleased to certify Club Med Gregolimano for its sustainability management. It is impressive to see how all Club Med Hotels structure the environmental management of their ‘Villages’ and educate their staff and guests in environmental practices.”

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