Green Globe Certified Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk

Green Globe Certified Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk
July 8, 2019 Bradley Cox

Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk is located in the middle of the Randstad, between Rotterdam and Gouda. Situated in a peaceful setting in the Green Heart of The Netherlands, the hotel is the perfect location for a quiet moment of relaxation, a business meeting with modern conveniences, or a dinner in the cheerful and welcoming restaurant.

Green Globe recently awarded Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk its inaugural certification.

The property is one of more than a hundred chain of hotels owned and run by the Van der Valk family. For over 150 years a sense of sustainability has been of great importance to the family as hotels and restaurants continue to be built based on the idea that the next generation will take on the management of each property.

Directors Peter van den Hul and his partner Eveline van der Valk share a mutual CSR vision and have invested in several sustainable aspects within the hotel’s management and operational systems.

Mr van den Hul said, “We feel we have a responsibility, and also hope, that we should all leave the world a little better than when we were originally introduced to it. The entire team at the Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk is very proud of achieving our first Green Globe Certification. We are committed to the environmental and social initiatives at our hotel and look forward to future sustainable developments.”

Van der Valk Hotel Nieuwerkerk recently started working in co-operation with Bakkerswerkplaats, a local bakery based in Rotterdam that supports the employment of people with social and intellectual limitations. Bakkerswerkplaats’ aim is to develop the talents of its staff and allow them to achieve their ambitions through learning the finer points of baking craftsmanship.

In support of regional biodiversity, the hotel has established a ‘bee-hotel’ in its rooftop garden where fresh flowers are cultivated for direct use in special dishes served in the restaurant.

“The bee-hotel attracts over 20 000 bees, which creates air-traffic comparable to Schiphol Airport!” added Peter van den Hul. “It’s a very popular place to stay for our local bee population and produces lovely, unique honey.”

The property has installed induction stovetops in kitchens in line with its energy reduction strategies. Induction stovetops enhance energy saving as sensors are only activated once a pot or pan is placed on the induction plate. Heat is then automatically directed to cookware minimizing heat loss. In this way, energy use is demand-driven.


Sarah van den Hul
HR Department
Hotel Rotterdam – Nieuwerkerk
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