Green Globe certified “darmstadtium” to be venue of the greenmeetings and events conference 2013

Green Globe certified “darmstadtium” to be venue of the greenmeetings and events conference 2013
January 27, 2012 Arton Kabashi

The next greenmeetings and events conference will be will take place in the darmstadtium in Darmstadt from 26th to 27th February 2013. This was decided by the advisory board during its meeting on 27th September 2011. Initiators and organizers of the conference on the sustainable organization of events are the GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. and the European Association of Event Centres (EVVC).

Matthias Schultze, Managing Director of GCB, explains: “This year’s greenmeetings and events conference has shown: The issue has arrived in the industry. With the 2013 conference we will continue the successful concept and develop the theme of ‘Green Meetings’ far beyond the environmental aspect. We want to include social issues such as CSR, employee comfort and compliance in the discussion and also strengthen the position of Germany as a conference location”.

“The conference venue itself is also intended to give a practical example of sustainable events in Germany. The darmstadtium combines energy-efficient design with an excellent creative architecture and sustainable overall concept. It is the perfect example that ‘Green Meetings’ can not only be economical but also attractive”, says Joachim König, President of the EVVC about the choice of venue.

Opened in 2008, the science and congress centre darmstadtium achieves a nearly complete supply of the building with renewable energies through extensive use of geothermal, biomass and solar energy. In late 2010, the house was awarded with the environmental label “Green Globe”. Shareholders of the centre are the Technical University of Darmstadt and the Science city Darmstadt.

During the last greenmeetings and events Conference from 1st to 2nd March 2011 at the Congress Centrum Mainz some 400 participants from all sectors of the event industry discussed the importance of sustainability to their business. Another approximately 200 registered participants took part in the virtual event accompanying the conference, which was conducted by the organizers two weeks later on the Internet.

The Green Globe audit was performed by Green Globe Preferred Partner Dr. Peter Zimmer.