Green Globe First Russian Certification: Kazan Palace by TASIGO

Green Globe First Russian Certification: Kazan Palace by TASIGO
June 9, 2021 Bradley Cox

Kazan Palace by TASIGO is the first hotel in Russia to receive Green Globe Certification.

Kazan Palace by TASIGO is a traditional Art Noveau building on the outside featuring state-of-the-art technology on the inside. Kazan Palace welcomes its visitors warmly—just like Kazan, the city has greeted people of different cultures and faiths for centuries.

Serkan Aslan, General Manager at Kazan Palace said, “As TASIGO hotels we greatly appreciate and are honoured to be the First Green Globe certified hotel in Russia. We are well aware that from here we have more responsibilities for our environment, and we are carefully considering all of our actions and how they affect the community and environment. We are also very pleased to see how our whole team have improved themselves day by day, and how many different points of our sustainability goals are more significant to them now.”

The hotel is assuming more responsibility toward caring for nature, conserving resources and adhering to a policy of sustainable development as part of the company’s “Stay in Harmony” project. Every day the hotel takes practical steps to reduce its impact on the environment without sacrificing the comfort of its guests and also focuses on improving the quality of its services.

Energy and Water Conservation

The hotel aims to achieve many of its sustainability goals in reducing energy and water usage and waste volume.

Kazan Palace uses an advanced technology energy-saving system that saves up to 44% of electricity. Nearly 95% of the lighting fixtures (inside and outside the hotel) use LED lights that are controlled automatically.

To reduce water consumption, the hotel has an innovative plumbing system and has developed a special initiative – the Green Room Rater – where guests can opt-out of room cleaning services and receive a 15% discount on their stay. This measure significantly reduces energy and water consumption, while also lowering use of chemicals in the laundry and waste volume.


Waste Reduction

Ensuring effective and proper solid waste management is critical to the achievement of Sustainable Tourism goals. In July 2020, Kazan Palace began implementing a strict recycling and waste management system. The hotel worked hard on its waste management strategy to get the right suppliers, organize green meetings, and implement waste segregation procedures and other social efforts within the property. A policy of banning single-use plastics from all hotels comprehensively addresses the growing plastics crisis and certain single-use plastic products have been phased out. Kazan Palace opted to stop serving drinks with plastic straws and instead provides biodegradable alternatives upon request. The eco-friendly property aims to be a leader in sustainable and socially responsible tourism by offering guests paper straws and providing reusable bottles at the SPA. New shower dispensers have also been installed in bathrooms replacing disposable shampoo and conditioner amenities.

Local Clean-ups

In line with Kazan Palace’s environmental policy, Team Members conducted a local cleanup of areas in Kazan city where they collected several bags of glass and plastic bottles, garbage and also segregated all of the waste for recycling or disposal. Kazan Palace management greatly appreciated the value of the time contributed by each employee to preserving the environment.


Serkan Aslan
General Manager
Kazan Palace Hotel by Tasigo
Kalinina Street 3b
Kazan 420043
P: +7 986 903 0100