Green Globe Awards Inaugural Certification to Landgoed ISVW

Green Globe Awards Inaugural Certification to Landgoed ISVW
August 28, 2019 Bradley Cox

Founded more then 100 years ago, the ISVW (International School of Philosophy) has a social mission with all revenues from hospitality contributing to the practise of philosophy of the Netherlands. The conference center situated in Utrecht is comprised of charming accommodation with modern conveniences, meeting rooms and a restaurant and bar.

Green Globe recently awarded Landgoed ISVW in the Netherlands its inaugural certification.

The non-profit organization provides a wonderful peaceful green location where guests can sleep in comfortable rooms with tranquil views, eat organic or certified produce, meet with like-minded souls or simply reflect. The hotel respects its natural surroundings and constantly considers ways to minimize negative impacts from monitoring energy consumption through to composting food waste.

Adopt a Tree

Respect for nature and wildlife are a priority at Landgoed ISVW. Due to environmental erosion and winter storms in 2018, the forest around the estate had to be cleared away. The tree clearing provided an opportunity to renew planting and regenerate areas that will encourage new animal life in the forest. The property’s dedicated Green Team launched their Adopt a Tree environmental initiative at this time aimed to raise public interest in the preservation of forest areas. Members of the Friends Forest can adopt shrubs such as Butterfly bushes or trees like Red Beech, Oak or Dutch Elms. Contributions help beautify the forest and may perhaps inspire a budding philosopher in a hundred years time.

Adopt a bird

At Landgoed ISVW nesting birds are not moved or disturbed but turned into an opportunity to communicate to guests about local fauna. With the advent of the Friends Forest, the biodiversity at ISVW has grown considerably. More species of trees and plants lead to more species of insects that serve as food for all the different birds that live in the forest.

To encourage bird life to flourish at the property, ISVW is working with Stichting Philadelphia (an organization that supports people with disabilities) to build 50 birdhouses, which are being offered for adoption and will hang within the estate grounds. This project embodies Landgoed ISVW’s vision where the ethics of philosophy are underpinned by sustainability practices. Work experience and employment is provided to people who may not be able to find work easily while beautiful handmade birdhouses provide shelter for native fauna.

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