Green Globe Appoints COO to Guide Global Growth

Green Globe Appoints COO to Guide Global Growth
February 22, 2018 Bradley Cox

Green Globe is pleased to announce the appointment of Birte Besocke to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Ms Besocke has been with Green Globe since its inception in the United States, and takes over the management of the Green Globe’s head office in Los Angeles California. In addition to a Degree in Tourism Management from University of Applied Sciences Kempten, Ms Besocke has dedicated her career to working in all roles of sustainability certification at Green Globe.

“Starting with Green Globe almost a decade ago, it has been a privilege to be able to engage all corners of the certification business and build my understanding of how Green Globe certification improves outcomes for tourism stakeholders, as well as contributing to businesses’ bottom line,” says Ms Besocke.

For 2018, Ms Besocke will lead the growth of membership via new and existing partnerships across more than 80 tourism destinations world wide where Green Globe is recognised as the leading sustainability brand for the travel and tourism industry.

“I am so pleased to receive the kind words of congratulations from our auditor and consulting partners around the world. With the team here in LA we have built a network of sustainability professionals who are making a real difference to the performance of hotels, resorts and other tourism business every day.

“Over the last decade my team, our partners and I, have witnessed the tourism industry change in a remarkable way. Sustainability, once limited to a few environmental activities, has now expanded to become a foundation management system, with triple bottom line reporting now an industry standard.

“I have seen how Green Globe has played a hugely significant role in this revolution, and I fully intend to bring the benefits of our certification program to new businesses and more destinations,” concluded Ms Besocke.