Green Globe Academy: Training Sustainability Leaders in The Caribbean

Green Globe Academy: Training Sustainability Leaders in The Caribbean
August 25, 2015 Bradley Cox

Green Globe has been synonymous with sustainability in the Caribbean for more than two decades. Along with its international certification program, Green Globe has also been active in educating many sustainability leaders across island destinations.

The Green Globe Academy has been the key online education tool, providing a step-by-step training program. All Green Globe Auditors have qualified via the Academy’s training program and now assist numerous Green Globe members with the challenges of developing their businesses, while taking the local community with them.

The Academy’s core educational units teach the foundation of sustainable operations and management. These core units include the origins of green-tourism and how the integration of ISO systems covering environmental and quality management, as well as other global compacts, have defined what is regarded as the International Standard for Sustainable Tourism.

The Green Globe Academy is open to everyone, not just those looking to add an Auditor Accreditation to their professional qualifications. Many green team leaders within Caribbean hotels and resorts have used the Academy’s training to provide a firm base on which to instruct and inspire their associates.

Academy training delivers core skills and an understanding of actions that define: Sustainability Management; Social and Economic Development; and Preservation of Cultural Heritage and the Environment. And graduates of the Academy continue learning, as well as sharing their knowledge, via Green Globe’s Solution Centre. This online forum is free to join and open to all. The Solution Centre holds a continuously updating knowledge base of best practices and connections to people making a difference.

Green Globe Certification Manager Birte Besocke has more information on both training via the Green Globe Academy and joining the Green Globe Solution Centre.

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