Green Globe Academy: Learning today – Leading tomorrow

Green Globe Academy: Learning today – Leading tomorrow
March 7, 2018 Bradley Cox

Green Globe has been the leader in sustainability  certification for decades and is at the centre of embedding ‘green’ practices in travel and tourism worldwide. In that time we have also seen sustainable operations, expand from basic environmental management to underpin business leadership and guide enterprises toward greater prosperity.

This achievement has come about as commercial operators have accepted a greater role in both the preservation of key ecological and social assets within host communities, while also driving economic development.

Future business leaders are now being required to delver triple bottom line outcomes, while appreciating the pivotal role their companies play as dynamic actors in the world. To ensure that these leaders are well equipped for the challenges of this new era, Green Globe has translated its decades of experience into training courses for students and professionals.

These tailored courses are carried out online, are self-paced and typically take 3 to 5 days to complete. Upon successful course completion and examination, a certificate is issued to recognise graduation from the course. Green Globe Academy, currently has three training courses with more planned in the future:

Sustainability Leadership for Students is targeted at undergraduates or recent graduates wishing to add a professional qualification to their degree.

Sustainability Leadership for Hotel & Tourism Professionals will suit managers and executives looking to learn specialist skills and knowledge for delivery of best outcomes for business.

Green Globe Auditor & Consultant Accreditation brings professionals into the world of Green Globe certification, providing the requisite knowledge and skills to either perform third party verification audits or deliver consulting services for travel & tourism businesses needing to authenticate their green credentials.

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