Green Beginnings at Parc de Branféré

Green Beginnings at Parc de Branféré
December 5, 2017 Bradley Cox

Parc de Branféré is a 45 hectare botanical, wildlife and leisure park located in Brittany, France that attracts over 200,000 visitors per year. Branféré Park offers spectacular educational and cultural activities. Unlike a traditional zoo, 1 200 animals from around the world roam freely in wide, open spaces. Nearly 500 birds from every continent live at the park and visitors marvel at the awe inspiring bird show featuring storks, pelicans, eagles, vultures, hawks, parrots and even owls.

Green Globe recently recertified Parc de Branféré in acknowledgement of its sustainable management and operations.

Parc de Branféré is committed to eco-tourism and sustainable recreation with a key focus on the protection of biodiversity. Opportunities to interact and learn about the animals are numerous and varied. Visitors can feed Maya and Ajang the resident Indian rhinos, just one activity that raises awareness about endangered species. Last month, a new rhinoceros, Saar, was welcomed at the park. Saar will eventually become part of this popular program.

Children, young people and adults participate in nature activities at the Nicolas Hulot School. The building is located at the edge of the park and designed in accordance with HQE (High Environmental Quality) specifications. The HQE standards include the integration of the building into the environment, use of eco-friendly materials and design, and the management of water and energy consumption as well as waste generation. Sustainable measures such as renewable energy sources, composting and waste segregation are also educational tools that encourage participants to become global eco-citizens.

New initiatives reflect Parc de Branféré’s dedication to responsible tourism practices and to Green Globe criteria. Chef, Thierry Berthier, from the restaurant at the Nicolas Hulot School now serves homemade meals for the children and other visitors. The objective for the change is “To eat better and waste less”.

Parc De Branféré will reopen on February 10, 2018.


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