Grand Parc du Puy du Fou: Environmental Performance Highlights

Grand Parc du Puy du Fou: Environmental Performance Highlights
August 16, 2017 Bradley Cox

Each year over two million people visit Puy du Fou, a historical theme park in Les Epesses (between Cholet and La Roche-sur-Yon) in the heart of the Vendée region of Western France.

Green Globe recently recertified Grand Parc du Puy du Fou for the sixth consecutive year.

Since it was created, Puy du Fou has made protecting the environment and preserving its natural heritage a high priority. To fulfill its commitment, the park has adopted an overall approach of sustainable development within three major areas – protecting its natural environment, contributing to economic development and promoting a policy of ethics and social responsibility.

Nicolas de Villiers, President, Grand Parc du Puy du Fou said, “This certification is a great recognition of our efforts and our commitment since 2012 to sustainable development. All our teams strive to surpass themselves daily in evolving our objectives and raising awareness of nature conservation amongst visitors and employees.”

Puy du Fou takes great pride in several green achievements that have been realized over the past year. A new electric train acquired by Puy du Fou transports visitors around the four corners of the park. There are now three electric trains fitted with solar panels in operation. These trains use 100% renewable energy, thanks to batteries which are continually recharged by the sun throughout the day.

Visitors can also help reduce the property’s carbon footprint as terminals for charging electric vehicles have been installed in the main visitor parking area and at the Cité Nocturne, where the themed hotels are situated.

Ecological initiatives were launched at Puy du Fou with different teams fully involved in overseeing the conservation and the protection of rare or endangered species. This year, the Falconry team established a new collaboration with a certified association that acts to support the protection of local wildlife by monitoring and recording the number of amphibians, swallows and hedgehogs that live at Puy du Fou. Data collected will identify various native species and used to create an Atlas of the Pays de la Loire Region.

One of the park’s chief aims is to manage waste by increasing the proportion of waste that is recycled thereby reducing the property’s impact on the surrounding environment. In 2016, waste segregation and recycling of waste items resulted in 56% of refuse being recycled.


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