Gold Member Thonet: Legendary Design Quality and Sustainability

Gold Member Thonet: Legendary Design Quality and Sustainability
February 23, 2016 Bradley Cox

Thonet furniture is famous worldwide for its classically made, iconic and smart design. Green Globe recently awarded the German furniture manufacturer its Gold Member status that marks five years of continual certification and acknowledges the company’s outstanding commitment to sustainability. The internationally recognized Green Globe Standard entails the responsible handling of natural resources, human resources and supporting relationships with local communities.

Mirko Nordheim, Director of Quality Management at Thonet, describes the important achievements of Thonet over the past five years: “With our change-over to 100% of power generated from renewable energy sources, we have paved the way for sustainable, future-oriented production. After an energy audit in compliance with 16247-1, further potential for improvement has been identified and we will be intensively dealing with that in 2016.”

The issue of sustainability and durability is an essential benchmark of the product philosophy of the manufacturer of famous design classics including the Vienna Coffee House Chair 214.

“Maintaining the highest quality with regard to selection of materials, production and repairs is a top priority and ensures that our furniture can be long-lasting companions over many years. They are made of individual components that can be replaced and recycled when needed,” Mr Nordheim added.

Resource-friendly use of materials including the use of woods from sustainable forests is another enduring yet modern feature of some of the pieces created. And, to reduce its environmental footprint, Thonet invests in recycling systems for solvents. While greenhouse gas emissions from all sources are measured and procedures implemented to reduce and offset them. Furthermore, the company has established practices to reduce pollution from noise, light, runoff, erosion, ozone-depleting compounds, and air and soil contaminants.

The furniture manufacturer has clearly defined sustainability goals and has launched various initiatives in its product development, production and management divisions in order to comply with its corporate responsibility and self-image. This year Thonet also achieved a magnificent compliance score of 97% against Green Globe accredited criteria. In 2015, the company received Green Globe’s Certificate for Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Management in recognition of their efforts to improve on best practices.

Please see Thonet for further information or click here to read about its sustainable approach.


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