Gold Awarded to Hotel Okura Amsterdam

Gold Awarded to Hotel Okura Amsterdam
August 8, 2018 Bradley Cox

The luxurious five-star Hotel Okura Amsterdam was recently awarded Green Globe Gold Status marking five consecutive years of certification.

Emmy Stoel, General Manager at the hotel said, “We are very proud of achieving Gold Status and look forward to continued improvements in our sustainable performance.”

A major project has just started at the hotel as part of a master plan for more sustainable mechanical processes to be introduced at the property. Construction began on a chiller plant that integrates thermal (heat/cold) energy storage last week. Preliminary research has been conducted into thermal storage options by means of underground aquifers, which are accessed by two mono boreholes.

“The benefits from the additional investment and from the energetic aspects as well as the environmental aspects are evident. Not only will it reduce CO2 emissions and positively contribute to the local community, it also means annual savings in energy consumption and therefore cost savings in the long run,” added Ms Stoel.

Other energy saving measures that utilize existing water near the property include ‘TegenStroom Aggregaat’ (TSA), a system where cold water from the canals is used for cooling water, and air conditioning units that utilize water as a means to cool air.

In line with its carbon emissions reduction strategy, Hotel Okura Amsterdam encourages guests to rent bikes. In addition, the majority of recommended boat companies use electric driven boats while e-vehicles for airport transfers are promoted. Guests can also use the two electric charging stations in the garage.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam supports charitable causes in the community including sponsorship of the Sint Maarten charity lunch and working in co-operation with Emma Kinderziekenhuis Academic Children’s Hospital (AMC). The hotel regularly contributes toward CSR initiatives ranging from hosting the biennial Bio-Gala, an event that raises money for the Bio Foundation which supports children who have undergone epilepsy or suffer from cerebral palsy and spina bifida to donating 300 retired duvets to Human Aid in Greece.


Saskia van de Sanden
Manager Marketing & Communications
Hotel Okura Amsterdam
Ferdinand Bolstraat 333
1072 LH Amsterdam
phone +31 20 6787 488