Galley Bay Resort & Spa Goes Green in Antigua

Galley Bay Resort & Spa Goes Green in Antigua
September 15, 2016 Bradley Cox

The refined and unpretentious Galley Bay Resort Antiqua lies on a private three-quarter-mile white sand beach overlooking the warm waters of the Caribbean. The boutique property’s 98 guest rooms set amidst 40 acres of lush tropical gardens are perfect for romantic couples or those who just want to escape from the everyday and relax.

Green Globe congratulates Galley Bay Resort Antigua on its recertification and its high compliance score of 85%.

Christine Young, Environmental, Health and Safety Co-ordinator at the resort said, “All of us here at Galley Bay Resort Antigua are delighted to receive Green Globe recertification again. The resort has been with Green Globe since 2012, growing from strength to strength with our environmental programs. The program ensures that all aspects of our operations are in keeping with Green Globe standards.”

Galley Bay Resort Antigua’s green practices continue to improve and target resource management, the conservation of biodiversity and community development.

Energy saving bulbs are installed throughout the property and external lights are controlled by sensors and timers to reduce energy consumption. Air-conditioning systems are also equipped with sensors that automatically shut down power when an open door is detected.

fips-tree-planting-1Water saving measures have been implemented such as an onsite desalination plant that purifies salt water into potable water, producing approximately 58,000 gallons per day. To ensure quality and safety standards are met, the water is measured on a daily basis and tested both internally and by a third party. Water usage is reduced with the installation of faucets in toilets that use 1.5 gallons per flush (gpf), while bathroom taps are equipped with low flow aerators. Many of the plants growing in gardens are drought resistant and thereby do not require significant amounts of water. Guests are also encouraged to participate in a linen reuse program that minimizes water and energy consumption and decreases the amount of chemicals used at the resort.

“Rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle are the cornerstone principles of our waste management program. We believe in buying local and in bulk where possible. We encourage our staff to use all resources sparingly, while ensuring complete guest satisfaction,” added Ms. Young.

All items are reused wherever possible – used paper is shredded for compost, donated to schools for art and craft projects and to a local funeral home. In addition, scrap paper is reused as writing pads by Front Office and back of house staff. Retired linen, furniture and other items are regularly donated to the Mount St. John Hospital, the hospice and the local prison.

Galley Bay’s recycling program is a major part of its environmental initiatives and great efforts are made by staff to send as little waste as possible to local landfill. Antigua is limited in the type of items that can be recycled. However, the resort ensures that guests have access to recycling receptacles around the property. Bins are labeled and waste separated into general refuse or recyclable items. Plastics and cans are sent to a recycling plant on the island for processing overseas. Organic waste from the kitchens is taken to the property’s compost heap where it becomes fertilizer for the fruit, herb and vegetable garden. The fresh produce harvested is used in kitchens to create scrumptious dishes for guests and staff.

turtle-smallConservation efforts are continually underway at Galley Bay Resort & Spa, which is home to over 45 bird species, a variety of fish and the occasional nesting sea turtle. There are three very valuable ecosystems in and around Galley Bay. Firstly, there is a terrestrial ecosystem comprised of land tortoises and a range of land birds. Secondly, a wetland ecosystem with different species of crab and fish such as Tarpon and Tilapia. And finally, a marine ecosystem with Brown Pelicans that swoop down on tropical sea prey. To increase their knowledge of Antiguan birdlife, the resort provides binoculars to guests for bird watching on request.

Galley Bay is also home to nesting sea turtles that grace the beach shores annually. In past years, Leatherback or “coffin back” turtles have visited the beach as well as Hawksbill and Green Turtles. The resort works collaboratively with the Antigua and Barbuda Sea Turtle Project to protect and conserve these endangered animals. As part of the program, turtles are measured, tagged and records taken for an international database.

Galley Bay has a strong presence within the Five Islands community where the resort is based. For many years the property has supported community programs such as the Five Islands Football Club. Galley Bay also supports and has forged a strong relationship with the Five Islands Primary School. Environmental talks are presented by staff and the resort continues to promote and assist with environmental competitions and initiatives conducted by the school. Furthermore, Galley Bay is a proud member of the Environmental Awareness Group and sponsors PAWS, an animal shelter that ensures the regulation of dog and cat populations in Antigua.


Christine Young
Environmental, Health and Safety Co-ordinator
Galley Bay Resort & Spa
Five Islands
P.O. Box 305
St. John’s
Antigua W.I.
phone (268) 462 0302
fax (268) 462 4551