Gaïa Riverlodge Launches New Biodiversity Activities

Gaïa Riverlodge Launches New Biodiversity Activities
July 5, 2017 Bradley Cox

The owner of Gaïa Riverlodge, Mr. Daniel Lighter, seeks to pursue more effective community development opportunities to secure future success. “Sustainability as a concept should be thought as of as vital for human development to present and future generations. If humans embrace this concept then our actions will be preventative rather than reactive, literally making our world a better place,” says Nigel Richards, General Manager.

Gaïa’s nationally certified guides are a good example of local knowledge being developed to create activities for visitors to Belize. New complimentary onsite activities offer great educational opportunities for lodge guests to learn about the natural environment, wildlife and sustainable practices in the area.

Early risers can join a guided nature walk to experience the tropical rainforest at one of its liveliest points during the day as the forest becomes alive at the crack of dawn. Early Morning Jungle Walk participants can familiarize themselves with the different calls of the animals that inhabit this natural environment and take in the vast array of biodiversity.

Those taking part in the On Site Early-Bird Watching just after sunrise can view native and migrant birds as they begin their busy day. The area boasts diverse species varying in colors and calls. Among them are Tanagers, Warblers, Fly Catchers, Orioles, parrots, Toucans and various birds of prey.

In the afternoons Samuel, Gaïa’s expert Mayan organic farmer, introduces inquisitive guests to the organically grown fruit and vegetable garden. Sam shares his unique green approach of overcoming the challenges of operating a garden in the Belize environment- all based on ancient Mayan strategies in gardening and farming.

As part of their sustainability efforts, Gaïa contributes to the Octavia Waight Centre and the Cornerstone Foundation, two needy NGO’s that help the elderly and youths. Vegetables from the organic garden are donated to both organizations that run feeding programs in the community.

Over the past year Gaïa Riverlodge has been actively involved in different environmental projects. Earth Hour was celebrated during dinner sessions in March. All power was turned off with lighting provided via candles and torches on the lower deck. And a Coco Loco prepared in a coconut shell became the special cocktail for the night, served in place of blended drinks. In addition, Earth day was celebrated in April. On this day Gaïa carried out a joint initiative with the main stakeholders in the area to cleanup the reserve leading all the way to Caracol (the largest archaeological site in the country).





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