François-Tourisme-Consultants (FTC) / France

François-Tourisme-Consultants (FTC) / France
June 22, 2012 Arton Kabashi

FTC has been Green Globe Certification’s preferred partner in France, Morocco, Tunisia & Algeria since 2009.

FTC was created in 1994 and is now France’s largest tourism & hospitality consultancy and training company serving businesses and destinations exclusively through sustainable development solutions.

FTC gathers a team of 19 permanent consultants, dedicated experts in the field of sustainability in tourism (

4 consultants : Marion, Yohann, Matthieu & recently François, have been accredited by Green Globe Certification to conduct third party audits.

The company provides offices all around France plus permanents agencies in Spain (Madrid) and in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius).

In 2007, FTC also created a unique initiative gathering all the professional key players of the tourism and hospitality industry around sustainability issues : Ecorismo (
Ecorismo is a great  panel of human and environmental solutions for tourism : trade shows, trainings, forums, clubs of professionals and the renowned Laurier Ecorismo which rewards the best environmental initiatives in tourism.