Fond Doux Resort & Plantation built on a history of Self Sufficiency in St. Lucia

Fond Doux Resort & Plantation built on a history of Self Sufficiency in St. Lucia
September 17, 2014 Arton Kabashi

Fond Doux Resort & Plantation is an originator of eco-tourism and is totally committed to self-sufficiency. The resort’s accommodation has been hand built to avoid damage to the surrounding rainforest and their certified organic plantation supplies produce for their restaurants. Adding to its list of impressive credentials, Fond Doux Resort & Plantation is once again certified by Green Globe for its sustainable management and operations.

Eroline Lamontagne, owner of Fond Doux Resort & Plantation said,“We’re thrilled to be recognized for sustainable tourism. Caring for the land and wildlife is important to us, which is why we take great pride in being a fully organic estate, growing our own fruits and vegetables to use in our restaurants.”

Fond Doux was established in 1742 and is one of the oldest working plantations in the Caribbean. More recently the organic gardens at Fond Doux have been meticulously planned with sustainability in mind. To reduce the impact on the environment, chemicals were removed from soil used for the cultivation of bananas in the 1980s and replaced by organic farming methods with the systematic planting of cocoa as the main crop.

Effective management of wastewater and land use have lead to the resort producing a variety of fruits including citrus, bananas, pawpaws, mangoes and breadfruit.  Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are also harvested. And ginger lilies, anthuriums, white star jasmine and lobster claws flower throughout the 135-acre property attracting hummingbirds and other birdlife.

Green Globe standards that are implemented at the resort include the re-use, recycling and minimization of waste as well as energy efficiency. The resort also encourages staff involvement in environmental conservation programs. Guests and locals are also invited to take part in guided tourist walks within the resort grounds or along the trails around St. Lucia including the Pitons World Heritage listed site.

As part of their contribution to local culture, owners Lyton and his wife Eroline have purchased abandoned colonial buildings from around the island and rebuilt and restored them in the gardens as holiday accommodation. Fond Doux has 12 cottages featuring either Colonial French or Caribbean style architecture. Each cottage has been built with minimal impact on the surrounding rainforest and original site excavations were completed by hand rather than with machinery.

“Through these and other efforts, including water and power conservation and the preservation of historic buildings through using sheer elbow grease and shovels alone, we will continue to be advocates for eco-tourism and sustainability, not because it is fashionable, but because it is good for business, the environment, and St. Lucia,” concluded Eroline Lamntagne.

Fond Doux Resort & Plantation will be closed for upgrades and annual maintenance from September 1 – 30, 2014.