Five Islands Primary School, Antigua: Big Winners on World Environment Day

Five Islands Primary School, Antigua: Big Winners on World Environment Day
June 9, 2015 Bradley Cox

World Environment Day 2015: Seven billion people. One Plant. Consume with Care.

Green Globe Member Report

By Christine Young

Environmental, Health and Safety Co-ordinator for Galley Bay, Antigua

After many months of hard work and dedication (sweat and sometimes tears) Galley Bay’s adopted Five Islands Primary School Green Team has emerged as the winner of the Environment Division Inter-School Recycling competition. Congratulations to the Five Islands Green Team and especially Mr. Omar Gore who displayed true dedication to the cause. The competition involved not only collection of bottles and cans, but cleaning and stripping them of their labels. The team also set up  a facebook page with photos and additional bonus points were given for outreach and a coastal cleanup.

The journey was tough for the children but they enjoyed it and gained a greater understanding of their impacts on the environment. The team enjoyed the training sessions and the coastal clean up was also a lot of fun too.

Galley Bay looks forward to many more partnerships with the Five Islands Primary School Green Team in our efforts to be good corporate citizens. Galley Bay congratulate the students on a job well done and will continue to encourage them to care for their environment.

Galley Bay is a Green Globe certified resort located on the west coast of Antigua. During the Antigua Inter-School Recycling competition, the Galley Bay management team was very supportive in the separation of the recyclable items and the weekly collection on recyclables. Galley Bay Room Attendant and Green Team member, Ferlin, must also be congratulated for her support in the outreach sessions on waste management and the coastal cleanup with the Galley Bay Grounds Team) last year.