First Green Globe Certification on Reunion Island

First Green Globe Certification on Reunion Island
July 5, 2017 Bradley Cox

Green Globe congratulates Akoya Hotel & Spa on Reunion Island on its first certification. It is the only property on the island to hold this prestigious award after passing over 350 compliance indicators.

The Akoya Hotel & Spa is located in la Saline les Bains which is bordered by a long white sandy beach and protected by 2km of lagoon. La Saline les Bains is part of Saint Paul, the largest and most historical town on Reunion Island on the Island’s West coast facing the Indian Ocean.

Renowned for its Green Globe sustainable luxury, the 5 star Akoya Hotel & Spa adheres to green principles in its operations and management. To minimize energy usage building roofs are treated to limit the absorption of heat from sunlight. And windows covered with a film that reduces the effects of the sun and heat. In addition, recently completed buildings have undergone an energy analysis during construction.

The hotel is seated right in the heart of three hectares of landscaped gardens, overlooking the superb white sand lagoon, and shaded by filaos and majestic black rocks. Endemic plants feature in the property’s beautiful landscapes and gardeners plan to create signage identifying the common and scientific names of different plants. With views of the luxuriant gardens, guests can enjoy the unique cuisine of La Perle Restaurant where Creole flavours are subtly combined with French gastronomy using island produce as key ingredients.

Waste management strategies are in place in all departments to reduce the property’s impact on the pristine natural environment. Displays hang above individual garbage bins providing instructions on procedures to follow regarding recyclable and general garbage. Furthermore, various waste sorting bins are located in gardens and different sorting bags on carts are utilized for room cleaning.




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