“Ferrum” and “Atrium” expand convention capacity at Germany’s Darmstadtium

“Ferrum” and “Atrium” expand convention capacity at Germany’s Darmstadtium
July 9, 2013 Arton Kabashi

The previously unused “Kleiner Saal” in the darmstadtium will be completed for its grand opening by October 2013. The advisory board has already decided on its new name: “ferrum”.

Inspired by the periodic table: “ferrum”
Darmstadtium, helium, palladium – not only the convention center it-self but also most of the rooms at the darmstadtium take their name from the periodic table of elements. The previously uncompleted “Kleiner Saal” (small hall) now continues this tradition in the building’s nomenclature.

The element “ferrum” (iron) is the 26th in the periodic table. This number also occurs in the overall capacity of the convention center: with a total of 20 conference rooms, the darmstadtium lounge, the congress hall “spectrum” that can be divided into three sections (A,B, and C) and the “atrium”, the darmstadtium has a total of 25 units available for hire with a total area of 18,000 m2. As the 26th room, the “Kleiner Saal” (small hall) has now been named after the 26th chemical element: “fer-rum”.

Name of the entrance foyer changes to “atrium”
In addition to the expansion of convention capacity, there will also be a name change for one of the darmstadtium’s existing rooms. The entrance foyer is frequently used as an additional room for events rather than a foyer in the traditional sense. For this reason, it will now be renamed. Despite the fact that “atrium” is not an element from the periodic table, the ending “-ium” blends in seamless with the names of the other rooms at the darmstadtium.

“Georg Büchner. Revolutionary with pen and scalpel”
A unique project for the new hall “ferrum” was announced already. From 13 October 2013 to 16 February 2014, it will join forces with the lounge and the cafe to host the major regional exhibition “Georg Büchner. Revolutionary with pen and scalpel” marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Georg Büchner (*17 October 1813). Work to complete the rooms for the exhibition is taking place almost unnoticed by visitors or guests and is currently on schedule. This all-embracing, multimedia exhibition on the life and works of the poet, revolutionary and scientist Georg Büchner will present his works from a unique perspective and be a special event to mark the opening of the new hall “ferrum”.

After the regional exhibition, the area will be converted for its use as a 700 m² congress hall for up to 400 persons. From the end of 2014 “ferrum” will then be available as an additional event venue with fixed seating in some sections and its own foyer areas.

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