Employee Training: Motivation through Skills Development

Employee Training: Motivation through Skills Development
July 5, 2017 Bradley Cox

Recently management teams have discovered that today’s staff are motivated to do their best, not necessarily from changes to remuneration or working hours, but from two more human-related conditions.

The first is being confident in their job. Staff who are well trained and know how to apply skills to get the best result are more motivated to provide better guest service. Secondly, staff who see themselves as significant to the business are also motivated toward constant improvement.

As part of sustainability management, Employee Training is critical because it is the point at which the enterprise not only transmits job knowledge to employees, but also hands over life skills that can create a life time of prosperity.

There are many topics that need to be covered in employee training from health and safety to cultural awareness and beyond into multi-skilling across departments. The great advantage for business is that the more staff feel they have the skills to meet a greater variety of jobs, the more confident they are which is a key motivator to superior service.

Of course Green Globe prioritises environmental training, and for many hospitality staff, this training may be the first time they have been confronted with the scale of a businesses’ environmental footprint and the importance of being “green”.

The “green” aspects of sustainability training feeds the other core contributor to motivation and that is feeling significant. With many young people filling hospitality roles, the more businesses need to be in touch with the aspirations of this generation. For young ones, doing something that goes beyond their companies’ boundaries and reaches out to the greater world is important. Making a difference to the planet through environmental protection is one way to meet these aspirations. So being green supports young staff members desire to be seen as significant in their companies’ success and by making a real and positive contribution to the world.

The core operational task of training and educating staff is at the foundation of making all team members fell confident and significant every day and this drives motivation to do a better job.