Employee Satisfaction & Business Success with Fairpflichtet and Green Globe

Employee Satisfaction & Business Success with Fairpflichtet and Green Globe
February 27, 2018 Bradley Cox

Verena Unden completed her training as an event trainer at mainzplus CITYMARKETING and subsequently worked as a junior project manager. Since February 2017 she has been the Sustainability Manager at the EVVC – European Association of Event Centers in Frankfurt. Verena oversees, among other things, the sustainability initiative “fairpflichtet” and co-organizes the green meetings and events. She also works as a Green Globe Auditor.

Sustainability in the MICE industry

Author: Verena Unden, Sustainability Manager, EVVC

Sustainability has become more and more important in recent years and has become a central topic in the meeting and congress industry. Many companies and event locations are already embracing the areas of environmental, economic and social sustainability and successfully integrating them in their corporate mission statements. Are these aspects important to you in your professional life? Would you also like to take on more responsibility for future generations and make your contribution to a healthy environment? Then read on!

A plus for your company and your employees

Energy savings lead to positive economic effects and financial savings. And along with this, certification or compliance with a sustainability code, adds to these economic benefits.

The interaction of continuous action in all pillars of sustainability promotes a dynamic working atmosphere among your employees. A healthy working environment in which one feels comfortable and has the opportunity to contribute and participate actively leads to higher productivity by employees.

In recent years, the development of Fairpflichtet and Green Globe has placed great emphasis on addressing social aspects. Appreciating one’s own employees is more important than ever, especially in times when there is a shortage of skilled workers. Companies that are family-friendly, offer opportunities for further education, and value work and private life in harmony, are preferred by employees when choosing a job. These aspects lead to a work-life balance, which pays off in the long run in the form of a significantly better quality of life for each individual and thus greater performance by employees within company.

Sustainability Code Fairpflichtet and sustainability certificate  Green Globe 

Sustainability seals or certifications provide orientation and an introduction, as well as assistance for further development for all areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Fairpflichtet is a voluntary code aimed at corporate responsibility and sustainability within the organization and also the management of events. The content of the code consists of ten guidelines, including topics such as strategy, resources and opportunities. Every company that complies with Fairpflichtet – regardless of size or financial and human resources – agrees with a standard approach to sustainability issues and structure.

Furthermore, the partnership between the European Association of Event Centers (EVVC), the German Convention Bureau (GCB) and Green Globe, provides independent verification for sustainable operations and management  and is adapted specifically for event locations.

Join with us on the sustainability journey – step by step. Because the journey is the goal!

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  • Sustainability Code for the German-speaking events industry
  • Initiated in 2012 by EVVC and GCB
  • More than 600 “fair” individual companies in Germany
  • Voluntary commitment
  • Optional annual supporter contribution
  • www.fairpflichtet.de

  • Green Globe is the world’s most recognized program for certification and performance improvement
  • Criteria catalog with approx. 350 indicators
  • Over 200 certified members in Europe, of which over 80 are from Germany
  • Audits in Germany are mostly carried out by an auditor from EVVC in order to guarantee the greatest possible industry relevance and understanding
  • www.greenglobe.com/de