Eden Lodge Madagascar: Self-sufficiency Scores Highly

Eden Lodge Madagascar: Self-sufficiency Scores Highly
November 22, 2017 Bradley Cox

Eden Lodge Madagascar lies in a protected nature reserve on the archipelago of Nosy Be. Located in Baobab Beach with its white crystalline sand and turquoise waters, the 8 lodges are set within grounds that extend over 8 hectares filled with verdant nature and exceptional biodiversity.

Eden Lodge was the first Green Globe certified hotel in Madagascar. The luxury eco-lodge was recently recertified for the sixth year and awarded an outstanding compliance score of 93%.

The property co-exists in harmony with the natural environment and wildlife that surrounds it. The area is renowned for its very high rate of endemism that includes Boab trees over 500 years old, marine turtles, lemurs, birdlife, reptiles and amphibians. To minimize its impact Eden Lodge adheres to a sustainable management plan that supports environmental protection and social development.

The unique and isolated geographical location of Eden Lodge means that effective resource management is fundamental. The property uses 100% solar power and visual displays in kitchens instruct staff on ways to save energy. In addition, the lodges are made of natural renewable materials and construction is based on traditional building principles that suit the climate. A preventative maintenance program is in place with an emphasis on detecting water leaks to conserve water. And this year, staff training focused on the safe sorting of hazardous waste in line with waste management practices.

Eden Lodge is part of a tightknit community and has formed strong relationships with local villagers, many of whom are employed at the property. Extensive training in Green Globe sustainability practices and hospitality skills including interpretive guiding benefit local residents and their families. It is hoped that in the future, all villagers will be offered training about medicinal plants along with other programs that highlight Malagasy culture. Furthermore, Eden Lodge supports a variety of CSR initiatives to encourage regional development. One charitable program encourages guests from France to donate much-needed school items to the children.

As the property is only accessible by boat, Eden Lodge prefers locally sourced products and goods. All fruit and vegetables are from the onsite vegetable garden, plantation and local producers while seafood and fish from the village of Anjanojano are delivered daily. This year there was an increase in the production of organic eggs from the Eden Lodge Farm that houses not only chickens but also geese and ducks. The birds eat organic scraps from kitchens and also provide nutrient rich droppings that are used as fertilizer. The Farm is another step toward self-sufficiency as well as a new attraction for visitors.


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