Eden Lodge Madagascar Influences Regional Development

Eden Lodge Madagascar Influences Regional Development
August 29, 2018 Bradley Cox

As part of its best practices that enhance regional development, Green Globe member Eden Lodge Madagascar has focused on improving the lives of adults and children within the local community and developing its green area initiatives.

Eden Lodge, located on Baobab Beach, lives with and shares the bay with local residents. Both staff and residents work together on various joint projects that contribute toward local economic growth. Anjanojano Village, home to around 300 villagers, is located approximately 200m from the Lodge. To improve livelihoods, Eden Lodge employs a number of the villagers and purchases fish daily from fishermen. Eden Lodge has donated much needed infrastructure in the region. It provided financial support to fund a well in 2012, established a garbage collection site in 2016 and new toilets will be built in 2018.

Eden Lodge works closely with Docenda, a French association, to assist students at a nearby school. The primary school was built in 2014 and has between 120 and 140 children and 7 teachers. The Lodge, in partnership with Electriciens sans Frontières (electricians without borders), installed solar panels during the initial construction of the school. Furthermore, as there is no formal administration department at the school, the Lodge offers administrative services to manage salary payments for teaching staff and assist with the distribution of daily essentials such as rice and soap supplies. Eden Lodge and Docenda are also involved with a network of schools in the region including Ambatokisindra Village, located an hour by boat from the property. The Lodge provides logistic support in the form of transportation (boats) for visiting international volunteers.

Health care for children is another priority in Anjanojano. Eden Lodge pays half the salary of a Malagasy nurse who is based at the school while the school pays the remainder. A free clinic complete with medication is in operation and a doctor from La Reunion visits every three months.

Eden Lodge continues with its development of green areas on the island to encourage self-sufficiency. A plantation with native plants and trees such as vanilla, Jack fruit, pineapple, banana, papaya, lemons and cocoa has been created that produces fresh ingredients for the kitchens. Also, organic vegetables including beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cabbage, Brede Mafana, zucchini as well as herbs such as basil, parsley and mint are grown at an onsite garden.

In keeping with sustainable agricultural practices, geese, ducks, chickens and turkeys are raised for meat and eggs. Organic waste from kitchens is fed into compost heaps and black dirt, dry weeds and leaves are used as mulch in gardens. Zebu (humped cattle) droppings, tobacco leaves and any other green waste are all put to good use in gardens and around landscaped areas.


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