Eden Lodge Madagascar: Environmental and Social Initiatives

Eden Lodge Madagascar: Environmental and Social Initiatives
December 3, 2019 Bradley Cox

Green Globe recently recertified Eden Lodge Madagascar.

Synonymous with combining luxury and sustainable development, Eden Lodge is a member of the Ecoluxury hotel group, a selection of the best eco-lodges in the world.

Madagascar is the oldest island in the world and the Malagasy ecosystem is home to a plethora of plant and animal species found nowhere else on Earth including 99 species of lemurs.

Environmental education of staff and visitors is imperative to protect native flora and fauna. Information regarding the biodiversity of the hotel is publicly disseminated on the web. On arrival guests are provided with practical instructions such as “Do not feed the lemurs” or seasonal information regarding hotel procedures including turning off lights at the beach at night so that nesting turtles are not disturbed. Tour guides on land and marine excursions around the property also add comments and interpretative information that promote nature conservation.

Eden Lodge Madagasar contributes toward local economic growth by employing staff from Anjanojano Village located nearby. Sustainability training helps employees understand that the protection of biodiversity is important to attract visitors and that any degradation of the environment would have direct impacts on employment and economic prospects in the short, medium and long term. Many villagers belong to the property’s Green Team that aims to raise environmental awareness in surrounding communities through organising and participating in village and river clean ups and other eco-conscious activities.

Eden Lodge also encourages guests and visitors to support its CSR efforts through donating to local schools and much needed medical supplies. The Lodge offers to collect donations on behalf of school children for better distribution to individual schools in the region.

For further information about Sustainability Practices at Eden Lodge please see www.edenlodge.net