Eco Club Presentation

Eco Club Presentation
April 4, 2016 Birte Besocke

Hamanasi’s Green Team is a group of employees that work as ambassadors for the environment. The team work both on property and around Belize to help raise awareness of all our green and environmental initiatives.
On Wednesday, March 16 2016, members of the green team presented on the topic of Climate Change to the Eco-Club of Holy Family Primary School in Hopkins Village. Selvin Roches, Therese Roches, Jackie Gamboa Martinez, and Seleem Chan educated the children on what Climate Change is, what causes climate change and why it is important for us to educate ourselves and others.
With the use of a power point presentation and a model of the earth the children were able to grasp the information being provided. With the use of the model of the earth (made by Rosemary Salam) the children understood the importance of green house gases and the earth’s ozone layer.
After the presentation the children’s knowledge was then tested. A series of questions based on the information they just received was asked. The children were all eager to respond and won themselves a prize for the correct answers given.


Via Singanga Buzz March 2016 Edition