Earth Month Beach Cleanup 2016

Earth Month Beach Cleanup 2016
April 18, 2016 Arton Kabashi

This Saturday the Galley Bay Resort Antigua was able to clean up the Hawksbill Beach and neighbouring plot of land successfully. There was a total of about 36 persons in attendance and they recovered 7 large plastic bags of garbage weighing over 30lbs!!! Garbage included bottles, corks, paper, plastic wrappings, cans, condoms, plastic bottles and cardboard to name a few.

The Galley Bay Resort Antigua would like to extend their sincere gratitude and a big THANK YOU to the Management and Staff who supported and assisted with the cleanup on Saturday. It went very well and they appreciate all the efforts which were taken. Special thanks to the Front Office team (most represented department) and to Chef, Timothy, Ferlin and F&B team. Thanks as well to the Five Islands team. The interaction with the youngsters and the team was truly very heartwarming.


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